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  1. TimeMachine fails backup

    That's a shame you weren't able to get it to work. Mine worked fine after applying the IONetworking kext replacement (after xattr -d etc. because I downloaded using Safari). Have you tried in TM options: change disk - NONE and then change disk - YOUR DISK? Also, is your drive HFS+ formatted? I assume it must be otherwise you wouldn't see it as an option in the first place. Still - worth checking. Also check that the drive is GUID partitioned not MBR. I believe that causes problems in TM. One final check: is your disk drive name anything fancy with special characters? There have been reports of problems if the name uses special characters. Perhaps worthwhile is to use diskutil to erase the drive, create a simple name like BACKUP and ensure HFS+ (Mac OS Extended - Journaled) Check in diskutil that the drive has "owners enabled" at the bottom left of the information screen (I suspect TM will need this set, though I'm not sure). Also, as a last resort, try creating a blank file called ".com.apple.timemachine.supported" in the root of the drive if it isn't already there. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. It does sound like a problem with the IONetworking kext though. It might be worthwhile going through the whole process step by step again as sometimes a step has been missed and isn't noticed. Quelg
  2. TimeMachine fails backup

    Hi, If you downloaded the kext using Safari, it has added an extended attribute to the file that will prevent the system from using it. This is new to 10.5 and is obviously an extended security measure. You can easily check this because there is an "@" symbol at the end of the permissions block on an ls : e.g., "drwxr-xr-x@ 10 root wheel 340 2 Nov 14:47 Contents" The people who got this to work probably downloaded using Firefox. You can see if there are extended attributes on a file using xattr. Here's a snippet: bash-3.2# xattr IONetworkingFamily.kext/ com.apple.quarantine <=== not going to work with this! And to fix this, run: cd /System/Library/Extensions xattr -d com.apple.quarantine IONetworkingFamily.kext If that doesn't work, you may need to do this recursively if the component files and directories contain the same extended attribute. Thus: cd /System/Library/Extensions find IONetworkingFamily.kext -exec xattr -d com.apple.quarantine {} \; This will take a minute. Ignore the "No such xattr: ..." warnings. This may be relevant to many different 10.5 problems when files are downloaded using Safari. I hope this helps. Quelg