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  1. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Thanks for all the help and insight I had received while getting this to work! Tried like 20 audio kexts and nothing worked well. Using youtube would make my PC overheat and crash. Tried lowering the mhz it was using. From 2700mhz to 1300mhz and same problem. Maybe in the future if things are better I will try again. This was a nice experiment to try and am pleased I stuck through it!
  2. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Hello I am having some problems with clover. Using the latest clover I don't get full resolution(1024x768) Everything else works fine. Processor is recognized correctly. Using clover rl1050 I get my actual screen res(1366x768) My mac install goes slow because clover make my pc out as slow. Mac info says I have a 800mhz processor,but I have a 2300+. I tried editing the plist to add changes,but even though clover says they are changed(2300mhz) I open mac again and still 800mhz,nothing changes. Any ideas?
  3. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Alright I will try MplayerX. About sound cracking,would different kexts solve this? Now my problems are: Sound cracking. Wifi-bought dongle. USB 3.0-worked during install. Screen Resolution-SVGA2 might fix this. Screen glitches are kernel related,possibly. Maybe I haven't encountered some yet. Looking up the specs of the laptop you mentioned,it seems weak compared to todays laptops. Hopefully mine fairs better.
  4. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Okay I am sorry if I sounded like an jerk I ran vmware for 2 weeks,but my laptop would get too hot because of vmware running. I thought why not dual boot,so I won't have the overheating problem. While in vmware I could install/use any application I tried,except VLC! Even without QE/CI I assume that the videos would play fine.(again not too sure on that,basing my opinion on how windows seems to work) So to rephrase my question: Any application that can play HD(720p) video with subtitles? Most of my videos are MKVs. Other than that watching youtube and using word/PS is all I do. Quicktime works,but only for a limited number of files. I was never expecting to be able to play games on mac(have windows for that),just use it as a day to day second OS. I also wanted to take the challenge Unless VLC can be "modified" to work without QE/CI then I am out of luck?
  5. AMD APU mountain lion support

    I hope someone can help me this time! How/if can I enable QE/CI on AMD 7600G? System Info shows radeon HD card with 3mb of memory. Also how will I be able to edit the resolution? Any ways to get the card working? I will only use it to play video on VLC. Playing games will be left to my windows installation. Anyway to bypass this?
  6. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Well with most people ignoring my post. I somehow got my hackintosh to work. I have no WiFi so I ordered: Netgear WNA1000M Also I get some weird glitches on mac os,not sure why. So if you wish add the AMd A-104600m APU to the list of supported laptops.(except wifi) Also when I click about this mac my mac logs out. So I can't tell if I have HW or not.
  7. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Anyone? Damn been stuck on this error for a week. I tried a bunch of commands in clover,but it almost always restarts while loading the system. chameleon does not work either. One time I got it to boot into a white MAC logo screen,but after 3 seconds it reboots
  8. AMD APU mountain lion support

    damn can anyone help me out? reformatted my HDD and installed Montian Lion. Once it finishes I get: "OSX could not start up the computer from disk "disk name " Try your disk using the start up disk utility." People seem to have this issue on regular macs,so not sure what to do.
  9. I get an installation error right when the mac installer should finish. Not sure if it is kernel related? I am going to format my entire hd and try to install then. I am also making a 400gb back-up iimage to restore windows 8 if the mac installer does not work.
  10. AMD APU mountain lion support

    mac os converted my HDD to Dynamic. Now the mac os installer does not see it. Seems I am screwed
  11. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Now get: An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running it application again. If the problem persist, use Startup Disk to restart your computer from the Mac OS X install DVD. something like that. Right when the installer is about to finish i get the error.
  12. AMD APU mountain lion support

    So I got it to work sort of. I have 2 USB 2.0 ports. 1st usb=clover 2nd usb=installer I have my usb receiver for mouse on 3.0 port. disconnected clover usb once mac os installer was loaded. connected the reciever and mouse works Do I need clover during the install? I also get some error about having an MBR HDD. It tells me to format the entire HDD. I am pretty sure I forgot "OSInstall.mpkg". and "OSinstall"
  13. AMD APU mountain lion support

    I got keyboard working,but my mouse does not work.(trackpad)
  14. Would 10.8x kernels work on 10.9? I am assuming they might need some changes? The installer does not proceed with and kernel.
  15. AMD APU mountain lion support

    No I am using 10.8.2. Kinda confused on what to do next. Not too sure how to use clover too well. Where would I put the ps2 mouse kext? I will try 10.8.3. Will these kernels work on 10.9?