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  1. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    Cinebench ... So it is no need to test games I think, because they simply won't work..
  2. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    (after minimizing window, but not always) I will test some games later, and also do a cinebench test
  3. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    no, previous post is about hd7850. I'm searching for hd5450, but used (30% price of new in most cases )
  4. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    Now opera is working ok (because it doesn't suppert gpu acceleration I think, and this is ok, opera is my favourite browser) VLC, Logic Pro also. In all... desktop sometimes is buggy (I will post screenshot later), but all windows are clear. I don't know about gaming, because I didn't test anything yet.
  5. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    Thanks for your suggestion I bought 2 weeks ago 7850. But what do you think, if I buy 5450, can I put it into my mobo next to 7850 (a have 2 PCI-e slots)? ( I think the PciRootUID=x is the right command to select graphic card?). I want to use OS X in most time, but sometimes I need windows, because some games are available only for windows (or I bought them for windows) and replacing gpu every time will be very inconvenient. http://allegro.pl/radeon-hd-5450-ddr2-64bit-i3286111291.html This one will be good? BTW: 10.8.3 is very stable on this amd CPU, the only one bug is this artifacts.
  6. AMD FX 8350 ACPI problem after update to 10.8.3

    Solved. I found another kernel. It works, graphic acceleration also... but there is a lot of artifacts/glitches ... like this:
  7. Piledriver kernel for 10.8.3 ? (on sinetek I have kernel panic - ACPI - after update from 10.8.2)
  8. Hi I have a problem. After 3 days fighting to boot osx installer, yesterday I finally installed 10.8.2. But I need 10.8.3 for full graphic acceleration (radeon 7000 series) . So I decided to update it by combo update. To install 10.8.2 I used iRimbi (10.8.1 acpi kexts, standard = kernel panic). Kernel, the only one which is working - amd_kernel4 (sintek (?) so it is using resources from 10.8.0). After update there is a problem - kernel panic with apci. I tried to install acpi kexts from 10.8.2 (the working ones) by kext utility (the same resault, and yes I tried to boot it by correct amd kernel). Thanks in advance for help, I have no idea what I should to do.. Mobo : asus m5a97 rev2 le Cpu: amd fx 8350 (piledriver) Ram ; 2x 4GB ADATA Hdd : 1TB SAMSUNG HD103UJ Gpu: amd radeon hd7850 club3d