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  1. I'm not using iATKOS I said that DID install on MBR partition and booted on it's own. I'm using the Pandora installer with 10.8.3 Mountain Lion (Have not tried updating yet I work on fixing one thing at a time) installed on a GUID partition but it will not boot on its own and requires USB stick to initiate the boot. I'm asking how to fix that.
  2. If I turn the PC on I get the following message: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error This is on a HP Laptop I installed Mountain Lion 10.8.3 on using Pandora's Box. The installer comes up instantly when using USB stick I don't need to set any boot options at all. I can partition the hard drive with GUID and install MacOS with no problems at all. The system wont boot up afterwards UNLESS I use the USB stick get to boot-loader (from USB stick) then select the hard-disk and press enter. MacOS boots up just fine when I do that and works great. Anybody got any ideas how to fix this? I used the last option on Laptop menu (In Pandora when making the USB stick so it has all the + + + + AHCIInjector etc etc) so it has the AHCI stuff etc etc (The hardrive cannot be set to AHCI since the laptop doesn't have such a BIOS setting). It would be nice to be able to boot up without having to use the USB. Also when I installed MacOS using MBR (previously) it booted up without needing the USB stick (But that was iATKOS and the one I'm using now is 10.8.3 Mountion Lion with Pandora Tools which is significantly better in all aspects and did not require me to edit any files on USB stick after making it and does not require silly terminal commands post installation to get it to boot up). A POSSIBLE cause might be the BIOS tries to boot in UEFI first before considering legacy (Its never been able to boot any UEFI devices and always fails well a black screen forever with no text at all when I try boot a UEFI).
  3. Yea I love the hacks far better than that whats its name again.... Windows? I got everything on my hack laptop apart from Wifi and optimus (I could only get the HD4000 working not the nvidia 630M however im not complaining since I can play Skyrim on max with no issues at all the HD4000 is not THAT bad I suppose if you happen to find something that it CANNOT play a simple dual boot solves that problem). Sleep works fine. I haven't managed to upgrade to 10.8.3 yet though however I probably don't need to worry about that for quite some time (considering some people are still using snow lepoard). By time I need to worry about upgrading I'm sure there is better solutions.
  4. Help Mountain Lion - AMD FX 4100

    Can your Pandora's Box handle a Lion AMD? (If so does it require any special switches/bios for my hardware?) What would you suggest guide/software/approach wise? With Snow Lepoard I got it to install by setting busratio=20 -force64 colors=32 -v rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel (of course it never really worked after that beyond the first welcome screen)
  5. My specs are: AMD FX 4100 QuadCore nVidia GTX 550 Ti Asus M5A 78L-M LX V2 8GB Ram SSD HD I'm trying to install anything from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion I'm not too fussed I will take any that is willing to work. Obviously I want QE/CI working. I followed this guide: http://www.osx86.net...uccessfull.html I got the Snow Lepoard installer to work I booted to desktop then restarted and I get an instant *black screen* when trying to boot again.... No matter what I do. Even if I install the Combo update and the new kernel I still get a black screen trying to boot (this is with any options (tested everything) including graphicsenenabler=no). So nothing I did would make Snow Lepoard boot BACK to desktop after a restart and -v just goes black screen with no information on what went wrong. So I assume that guide is incompatible with my system. Does anybody have any guide/advance that would match my system specs? I managed to successfully get OSX Mountain Lion working on my laptop as shown here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288862-mountain-lion-hp-pavilion-dv6-7104ea-drivers-help/ But the desktop with its AMD seems like impossible nothing I do seems to work lol. If you have any ideas that would make it work with my specs let me know! Thanks
  6. I have a strange problem when I have UseKernelCache=Yes (even after a rebuild) my battery % doesnt work and getBattery() fails every time. BUT! When I use UseKernelCache=No the battery % works fine and full power management works properly.... Any ideas why? and how to fix it? Edit = I just modified the boot plist to automaticlaly do -f and usekernelcache=no this seems to work fine and the system boots up in around 30 seconds with battery % working just fine.
  7. I'm not sure on the technicalities of the user agreement with MacOS but I assume it will say it must only be used on Apple licensed hardware such as a MacBook Pro. Realistically I think Apple could benefit from making MacOS install as easy as Windows especially with the Windows 8 debacle and many Windows users desperately seeking an alternative (Linux usage is going up as a result of Windows 8). In the long run Apple would benefit from such users perhaps from it's stores like iTunes, AppStore and of course the sale of future OSX releases. Fat chance of that ever happening though just a dream lol. Apparently I'm not *Hip* enough to have the money for Apples stuff. Even at the best of times I can after scraping the bottom of the barrel afford a decent PC or an old obsolete Mac. I heard rumors about Osx86 and Hackintoshes for quite sometime now but never once cared enough to look into it. I made a comment to a friend that I would rather use a Mac than WIndows 8 when asked if I even know if a Mac was better or not I didn't really but after playing around in VMWare with some OSX 10.8.3 I got interested and had to try it for real on my lappy. So far the results are pretty promising the gaphics is working great 3D accelerated programs/games etc work silky smooth. All cores and even the hyperthreads seem to be detected and worked (at least according to a benchmark thing I used). Sound is working fine in full quality same as in Windows 7. Touchpad works great even two finger scroll etc is fine. Keyboard is fine. Ethernet is fine. So overall it is functional and proves to me Hackintosh is fun and viable and I like the community and how people are helping to get devices and stuff working properly without the community I couldn't have even got the Installer to appear (My hardrive is locked in SATA RAID by BIOS and cannot be changed to AHCI). I have not used Pandora's Box installer yet but I have used the Post Installation and its very nice makes tony's thing totally obsolete in comparison. So far I like the MacOSX better than Windows in terms of: * Style, interface, launcher tools etc like Alfred, Hyperdock and what not. * Has many unique programs/games that are not available on Windows. * Can virtulize WIndows infinitely better than Windows can visualize Mac (3D support etc). * Can run most Windows applications/games right within any of the various Wine based programs. * Many programs/games also have a Mac port now a days anyway. * More secure than Windows......Although that's hardly an accomplishment. * I can do everything I do in Windows on the MacOS (YouTube, Games(all games I play work on Mac native or wine), Torrenting (uTorrent), whatever else). So I think I would rather create a Hackintosh than a Windows PC now a days the benefits of a working Hackintosh are worth it. Once I get the laptop working as good as possible I plan to try something more or equally challenging and getting an AMD desktop to function as a Hackintosh.... Ooooo. Thanks for the great help and community!
  8. When was anything disregarded ? That would imply I knew beforehand which wasn't the case (It was my assumption that everybody was on the same team when it came to hackintosh it actually came as a surprise to find out that's not so) and any talk/ref/link/chat directed in that direction never happened after I knew also I clearly wasn't serious when I said politics I did include a "lol" to try stress that maybe a smiley face (or a bunch of them) would have been better. Still after reading your page on tony I do agree (due to face he gets a lot of money out of other peoples work and if you buy something on amazon using a link he gives you he gets a nice cut or something right?) with its assessment of him. I plan to eventually make a nice guide for this laptop model but right now not enough stuff works I think once the USB problem and Battery problem are solved it will be capable for sure. Oh yea I got banned on tonys website when I asked for help there they asked me what I've already tried and then they banned because I mentioned a pirate distro I tried in vain attempt to get OSX working. Like wtf? I wasn't promoting anything I was simply answering their question of what I have already tried to do if ANYTHING I was denouncing that pirate release as non-working {censored} that did nothing for me lol.
  9. Can you rename my topic to "Mountain Lion HP Pavilion dv6-7104ea drivers help" or something along them lines? Ive gone past needing help to install the OS but now i need help getting all devices working....
  10. Wireless is "Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 so i guess thats impossible to get working.... Will need a small wifi usb plug? Edit - I got the Ethernet working using the Realtek 81xxxx drivers from Pandora. Edit - I got the HD4000 working! using "device-properties" and "legacyAGPM.kext" Edit - I got sound working! using Whats needed: * Need battery % to work! * Need SLEEP to work! * Need USB3.0 ports to work! * Need to avoid system lockup on inserting a SD card into USB2.0 slot * Need the WINDOWS key to become the MAC key (currently its ALT ffs?) this seems to be caused by HP laptops having an extra FUNCTION key.... There must be a way to remap the keyboard so WINDOWS key becomes ALT and ALT becomes WINDOWS key (that would probably fix it)
  11. Ethernet is not working (yet the light is on meaning there must be some form of connection). However Wifi will be lacking for sure...... The main issues atm are: * HD4000 not working its acting like a SVGA from 90s lol (yet its not a bad chip it can play skyrim silky smooth on windows.... it should be capble on a hackintosh right?) * The i7 CPU needs to be running proper at good specs (what mac model would you suggest? or kexts ? i set it to Macbook pro 9 i believe....) * Ethernet is not working * Wifi not working (im aware you can buy a $10 dongle off ebay and solve the wifi problem but i want THE wifi card working not some ebay nonsense) * If you plug in a SD card while at desktop whole system will lock up and need powercut * USB3.0 slots dont work at all (even with usb2.0 items) * Would like to be able to use all usb slots and addremove devices from them...... I suppose thats about it really the MAIN issues at least lol. Pandora has a tool like [bad tony postboot] ?? ( [bad tony postboot] is useless for me since it doesnt have anything i find useful...) i can run post-install? Since i dont want to have to create new ML install media... mine is working and it does install and it took almost a week to get it to that point i dont want to mess that up at least ;p You seem to know your stuff... Do you have skype? would you like to assist directly? As i said previously i can give teamviewer to a windows XP or macOS on the computer im trying to setup..... I assume then you can install and mess about and find stuff to do and fix things? im still learning ;p
  12. Surely somebody is willing to help get the devices (network, battery %, hd4000, usb3.0 and systme not locking up when a usb stick is inserted.... etc) ? Is there a program that contains a huge database of packages that auto finds stuff you need? or at leaast has a wide selection that makes it easy with instructions on how to pick the right one? Edit - I got the trackpad and internal keyboard (the keyboard attached to laptop) working by using TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zip But that still leaves a lot of stuff that needs doing.... help would be nice.....
  13. HEY Great news people i managed to get to my mac desktop! Im using the leptic kernel patcher and AppleAHCIPort.kext so my RAID hard drive appears as AHCI to the Mac..... Now i need help setting up drivers , video, sound etc etc also my touchpad and laptop keyboard stopped working i have to use usb keyboard/mouse/ethernet..... I say again the Mac boots up and works its just a matter of installing the drivers and i aint got a clue how to go about setting that up.... Took me a week just to get the mac to boot the desktop lol. You can see what devices i have in the top link. If you can recommend programs to run to get information so you can tell me what kexts or pkgs to install please do.... I also need to know which HD4000 to select.... (i had to delete all nvidia drivers/extentions to avoid a deathscreen on graphicsenabler so for the moment my lappy is limited ot the hd4000 rather than the nvidia 630m which is unfortunate but its more important to get everything else working before even considering tinkering with that....) Who is willing to help me get all drivers or as many as i can working? Drivers needed: The laptops touchpad and keyboard worked during installer but not at boot up and inside the mac os.......(now only usb keyboard/mouse works) No network is working (not ethernet or wifi) Bluetooth works so i can use internet through that for the moment.... The intel HD4000 is working in max resolution but is low fps and lacking 3d etc. That would be a good start..... Followed by System hangs on device inserted/removed from USB at the macOS desktop would be nice to fix that somehow
  14. HEY! I got the hard disk to appear in Disk Utility by following this guide: http://www.insanelym...-mountain-lion/ I had to add a new kext that allowed the installer to see the hard drive on RAID mode (AHCI was never the problem!) So yea im gonna try install it and see what happens... Most likely i will get a new problem immediately after installing but oh well i might as well try..... Oh yea i had to use the lepic kernel patch to get the installer to boot up without a kernel panic. So lets see how it goes with the install... jommoner - If you think your method is the most stable way for the system then the method im using from the Guide then yes it would be great to help i can provide teamviewer to a Mac where you can make changes to the usb installer (and use any apps to gather information on the hardware i can also boot into an XP or Linux if you need futher hardware tools that only exist on them.... whateva it takes to get MacOS working im in for it) and i can provide skype for video call during installing and testing on the computer..... EDIT - Ok i installed ML but when i try boot i get an error it appears as so: I managed to get the installer to appear by using lepic kernel patcher and the "AppleAHCIPort.kext" which allows my hard disk to be visible.... Then when i try boot up it stops at *waiting for root device* ...... any ideas?
  15. I'm not completely stupid I've used Windows since 3.1 and I used Amiga prior to that. I followed at least 10+ guides to the letter and did every troubleshooting thing they suggested before even coming here and asking for any help. The BIOS on the Laptop does NOT have any "Advanced" menu to set stuff like AHCI and there is no hacked bios to use with it. An interesting sidenote is the Disk Utility does not even seen USB hard drives I insert (it only sees the USB stick its installing from). Maybe that implies the problem might not be AHCI related? Or is it? I dunno I've never setup a Hackintosh before but I would love to get it working..... Hell its a lot cheaper than buying a MacBook omg £2,5000 vs £600 for PC identical specs? Right now I'm running MacOSX MT and SL in VMWARE and its working great even Photoshop CS6 etc works just fine. Prior to last week I had never looked at MacOS so its all new to me and to be frank it seems quite nice..... It can even run Windows stuff relatively well. Of course Windows has gone downhill with this WIndows 8 nonsense and Microsoft shows no signs of getting rid of this horror show therefor I must eventually move to a different system admittedly I dislike Linux the MacOS is a lot better IMO. My laptops specs are not too bad decent i7, Nvidia 630m, 8 GB ram etc for a Mac with same specs the price is just WTF unrealistic... I posted the full model and all specs in my first post but I will paste it here as well HP Pavilion DV6-7104EA http://britaincloud....-dv67104ea.html ---- The guide looks promising heres a quote "Hold your horses, because goddamn HP doesn't let us change the SATA mode of our hard drive to AHCI, we must make due with the mode it comes in (RAID). Who the hell uses RAID, especially for one and only one hard drive... Whatever, anyway you need a modified version of the SATA controller kext in order for your hard drive to be detected by the OSX installer on myHack. Get it here." Interesting..... So my laptop must be using RAID for hard disks so my attempts to make AHCI kexts didnt work because the drives arent even in IDE mode.... Dear god.... I will try this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283609-guide-hp-pavilion-m6-1045dx-mountain-lion/ Its not the same laptop but its SIMILAR .... maybe you can find a guide thats more perfect to my HP model?