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  1. Hello There and i am going to develop Guest Additions for OS X 10.5 , 10.6 , 10.7 and 10.8 also for OSx86 Also i am going to put eveything and something else README: This is unofficial version of Guest Additions for Mac OS X Guest (10.5 and above) In order to avoid kernel panic or some random errors like "still waiting for root device" or something else , Try to close all applications or something else. By Paolo Landayan Requirements Here are the requirements to install Guest Additions on OS X Guests 1 GB of RAM 128 MB of Video RAM and Enable 3D Acceleration is required Sound Card must be AC97 Audio or HDA For Native Networking support , Try enabling Shared NAT or Bridged Network Intel ICH9 are not supported , Try changing to PIIX chipset To enable Core Image and Quartz Extreme Support , Your VBox Graphics Chip , Enable 3D Acceleration to support both APIs OpenGL Support will be enabled automatically if you install Guest Additions To enable AGP , tick Enable 3D Acceleration to enable it NOTE (IMPORTANT TO READ IT): Quartz Extreme and Core Image are Experimental at the moment Due to the bugs of this version , It's still in development AGP works , But there' some minor bugs like Graphic Artifacts and Flickering To avoid kernel panic before and after shutdown or restart , Close all open applications and Save your work Installation: Download the iso here : [under Construction] Mount the Guest Additions iso in VirualBox Click on the Drive named VBOXGUESTADDITONS Click VBoxGAInst.app to Install VBox Guest Additions Click Next to Continue Accept the EULA Select components here and Click Next Wait until the installation is finished After Installing Reboot your guest VM Ta-da , Now you can do anything as you want , Enjoy! File Location Macintosh HD |_System |_VBox Additions | |_Kexts | AGP.kext | AC97.kext---- | Base.kext | | EFI.kext | |_Bin GL.kext | | VBoxGA.app | | VBoxGAConf.app | | VBoxUtils.app | | VboxLoader.app | |_Docs VBoxVanila.app |_ HDA.kext |_README.txt VESA.kext LICENSE.txt CD-ROM.kext EULA.txt ACPI.kext CHANGELOG.txt Mouse.kext DVD-ROM.kext USB1x.kext USB3x.kext HW.kext Floppy.kext DMG.kext Network.kext Printer.kext PS/2.kext Kernel.kext ICHx.kext PIIX.kext Boot.kext If you are confuse here is something to do The Kext files are in the KEXTS folder The App files are in the Bin Folder And The Documentation files are in the Docs Just Remember: This is not an official version of VBox Guest Additions It is not affliated by Oracle or Apple because of the EULA which it becames illegal This is nothing but has many bugs and limitations Enjoy
  2. Is there any method to install iPC OSx86 on my Presario V3000 but it dosen't work , I'm stuck at blue screen always like that , I also typing -v and it didn't work also , Is there any idea how to fix this Bsod at the Language Selector Screen , I always keep trying and still the iso is not PPF5 patched