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  1. I am not a programmer, so forgive my lack of technical wording. We are in the middle of programming a beta and have come up with the following challenge. - We are building a desktop application for Mac - The application should run in fullscreen mode - While staying in fullscreen mode AND from within the application we would like to open PowerPoint and other office docs. This will have via shortcuts to folders. THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE - The issue is the following. We want our application to stay in fullscreen while e.g. PowerPoint opens on top of it (in normal mode or slideshow) WITHOUT our application exiting fullscreen mode - We guess this is not an easy task because the operating system automatically exists one applications fullscreen mode the moment another application opens/becomes active - If this is completely impossible are there other options to fake it? E.g. menu bar and dock hiding (getting moved to the side (up/down)) - Basically, the aim is to stay in our "universe" (=not having menu bars, etc. interfering) while being able to see the content of an office document. Any ideas to how this could be solved? Could be a paying job if you have the solution and convince us you are the guy for the job