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  1. Hi All, ..so my second Hack went a lot smoother than my first, managed to get my P55 based i7 860 Dell XPS 8000 running Mountain Lion. The only problem I had was that the installer wouldn't recognise the drives so I had to use the ATAinjector kext which got me through the install. BUT.. I still really fancy setting up a Raid array on this one.. any advise how I could get this to work in raid mode? The bios only has two setting.. Raid and ATA (there's no AHCI) Thanks Chris
  2. thanks to both of you for your help on this, i think I would have given up! ..but it's running really nicely, i installed the HW monitor and it does look like the turbo is working as it jumps from 1.8ghz to 2.6ish under load But.. I'm pretty sure it should drop right back to 800mhz when it's not doing anything? Is there a way to enable this? Also, now it's up and running I'm thinking it's a good idea to make a backup image that I can restore if I have problems, what would you recommend?
  3. **edit** ..ignore the bit about the bit about checking cpu frequency, just installing intelcpumonitor kext and smc utility installed IntelCPUMonitor Kext, when I run SMC_Util3 it opens a terminal and lists options like -f -h -k etc and then says [process completed] but doesn't give me any information about CPU speed etc what am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi Griven/Artur Just a quick update - Grivens instructions got this running - I'd tried using the MacMini profile but the MacPro 8,1 profile got the graphics fired up :-) I didn't select any power management options so I'm just going to have a read of the links Artur listed, its definitely running warmer than normal so i'm pretty sure it running flat out all of the time. I really don't want to have to start from scratch so hopefully i'll be able to sort out the last few bits Is there a way I can check the CPU speed to see if its stepping? Also.. noted comments about forum rules I used MyHack as the installer.. happy to do everything else manually, better way to learn as well.
  5. Another update.. So, I performed a fresh install. Needed GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v to get into the installer and get it installed. The newly installed OSX would then boot from the USB also using GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v but won't won't in anything other than safe mode I then tried loading directly from the hard drive and got "error-no such device" I then installed Chimera on the harddrive which initially resulted in a boot0 error, I followed a guide to fix this. Now I can load to Chimera from the hard drive, but it won't boot past that even if I use GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v It panics and mentions IntelCPUPowerManagement.. I'm not sure what to try next? any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the link Artur but mines a HD3000 If I use GraphicsEnabler=No -v -x I can get it to boot and under system report the HD3000 is reporting correctly and now shows 384mb of ram which I think is correct. But I can only boot in safe mode.. I'm just in the process of reinstalling from scratch and will post where it gets stuck if I try to load it up without -x Thanks again
  7. ..quick update It managed to get all the way through the installer. But I'm only able to boot off the fresh install if I still use GraphicsEnabler=No -v -x If I don't include the -x it gets stuck at "Resetting IO Catalogue" I tried deleting some kexts that relate to the IntelHD graphics as mentioned in another post but this seemed to make it worse and now its getting stuck at "[AGPM Controller] unknown platform" Any thoughts on whats causing this? Should I start from scratch again?
  8. Thanks Griven :-) I'm using MyHack, I wasn't really sure which one to use! It's a legit copy of 10.8.3 downloaded from the App Store I also installed the latest Chimera bootloader onto the USB as I'd read it was better with HD3000 I just tried GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v and the good news is that got me into the installer and it's installing as we speak, although I'm expecting more problems when it's installed so I'm not counting my chickens yet! I'd managed to get into the installer using -x just before reading your post but the screen resolution was wrong.. But this time it looks right which has got me thinking that it must be the GraphicsEnabler=No blocking a conflicting kext. I don't really understand why its picking the right resolution which the graphics enabler off?? My S3 is a Sa sorry.. my S3 is a Sandy Bridge I7.. i7-2637m
  9. Hi All I hope you can help.. I've been fighting for the last couple of days trying to get Mountain Lion installed on my Acer Aspire S3-961 i7 There are lots of guides on various forums for the i3 and i5 versions but noone seems to have done this on the i7 version I've made a fresh installer and tried various boot flags but it just won't boot as far as the installer. If I use -v it's gets stuck on a blank grey screen and that's as far as I can get. It happens so fast I can't even see the error! Close to giving up!! Any help would be appreciated. I know notebooks are tricky but thought I'd give it a go as others seem to have been successful!