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  1. RME hdsp PCI cards in OS X 10.6 or 10.7

    Interesting. I wouldn't know how to do that, though.
  2. Hello dear community, Gathering from searches here and elsewhere -- if I want to run an RME HDSP PCI Card (not PCIe) on a Hackintosh, my only option seems to be to run Snow Leopard in 32bit mode and install a 1.7 version of the RME driver which has been referred to as hdsp_173_x86.gz (obviously meaning version 1.73). It's no longer available from RME, but eventually, I did find it at this link: http://de.driverscol...c9a12ff9224f35a Obviously, there are (or were) quite some people who got their PCI based audio systems up and running with this in OS X Snow Leopard... - Any opinion, which 10.6 update works best? - Is there a chance that also 10.7 works for this? AFAIK, you can boot Lion into 32bit mode, too, so... anyone with a working system, who could confirm?Thanks for any input!!