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  1. I usually just use Wordpress, but I had a whole bunch of info compiled in Word docs that I had to make posts of, and it would have been really annoying saving the pictures, renaming them, and making sure they go where they go etc. I googled "word to wordpress" and found out that the PC version can just upload to Wordpress directly - great! Went hunting for the same functionality and found Word for Mac not to have anything even close. I use Transmission! I actually like it because it seems to be the fastest app yet, and it automatically maps ports using UPnP with my Airport Extreme.
  2. Thanks for the detailed response! Until now, I liked the low maintenance of OS X too, even on my Hackintoshes. My concern is that viruses on the Mac are easily slipping through unnoticed, that Mac antivirus is underdeveloped and subpar, and that if viruses are going to be a problem, OS X's advantage becomes pretty small. Yes, it is easier to use, but I grew up on Windows, so I don't find it hard it any way. As far as stability goes, I recently built a gaming system that was as stable as the Mac. No issues whatsoever. I mentioned Word, because I run a large number of blogs, and I found out that Word for Windows allows publishing to a number of platforms, whereas Word for Mac doesn't have that (the office button functionality). It's also slow for an Intel app. The whole point I was trying to make was that software is widely available for the PC, yet it must be hunted down for the Mac, and often times, you give up something in functionality. Look at uTorrent for Mac vs. PC. The newgroup readers for Mac are pathetic too. Browsers are, at best, the same. So everything is equal at best, and unusable at worst... and I'm not even going after the obvious one - gaming. Maybe I'm just annoyed that this happened and the virus took out both my Windows and Mac, but that was superseded by another issue - I created a backup of my Mac drive with pics and all, and the DMG is messed up (no mountable volumes) or something. Looked around for the issue, and it seems I'm not the only one. Yeah, I'm sorry, I noticed the wrong section too late. I've had zero viruses too, until this point. Then it killed everything. Not really, it's embedded in the CS4 and iLife 09 flying around on the net. It's not like it says "DANGEROUS VIRUS NEEDS YOUR PERMISSION TO CONTINUE." If you have use with certain programs like Logic, I understand that, but if you're not using those, and it's just an everyday computer to you... I'm questioning the benefit. It's not about the number of viruses. On Windows, if you have good antivirus, the virus won't get far. On a Mac, no one expects viruses, so they slip by, under the radar. On Windows, it'll be eradicated before it causes damage (again, if you have good antivirus and it's updated), but on the Mac, it took out my Windows, then it took my Mac. I couldn't boot into either! Can you imagine how frustrating that is, considering that I switched so that this type of thing wouldn't happen? Torrents are not "out of the way," millions of people use them, so I don't think that's correct. And it's not that I don't like Mac... I loved it up until the point where it screwed me over worse than Vista ever has. Neither is a clear-cut winner, and there are serious issues with both. However, the major benefit of Mac seems to be lost if viruses are gonna be more prevalent, can get in this unnoticed, and cause this amount of damage. That's why I'm having trouble deciding whether to keep the iMac - can't seem to decide if it is reliable or not. The only way it would be 100% reliable is if you don't download/install anything, and then, so would Windows.
  3. For those of you that switched to Mac, what were your reasons? My main reason was stability/reliability. Throughout high school and university I had dealt with PC issues non stop, which often resulted in data loss, formatting etc. I was sick and tired of that, so I decided to get Macs. At one point we had four (two iMacs, new MBP, MB), and now we have a 24" iMac and MBA. Well, we decided to try out CS4 and got hit with that bot virus. Yeah, I know, you're gonna say you should have just bought it... but if this is how easy it is to get a Mac virus onto your system, then potentially a lot of free apps etc. can also carry Mac viruses in the future. Let's just focus on the fact that there are Mac viruses now, and that they may increase in number. The problem is, it's not just that the virus slows your system down. First, it corrupted my Windows install, then I couldn't even boot into Mac. Basically, I may have lost everything (I tried making an image of the hard drive, but the DMG appears to be messed up), so here we are again at the PC level. If it was running Windows, NOD32 or Kaspersky would actually be pretty good at catching it, and I probably wouldn't need to format and reinstall like I just did. Since Mac market share is on the rise, we can probably expect more and more viruses, which means a need for antivirus may arise. And since we're using antivirus, why even use a Mac? We have to adapt to use Macs, try to find software that suits our needs, but we need to go into Windows for a ton of things. Even Word for Mac is a lot crappier than the Windows version. So why put up with all this, the added hardware cost, the crappier performance for the dollar, if it's just gonna be the same as Windows? If you're not a designer etc., and just have a Mac for everyday use... I dunno. I'm thinking about switching back.
  4. You should probably get triple channel DDR3, as in 3 x 2 GB or 6 x 2 GB to start with
  5. Mac Pro Overclock Utility

    E8400 @ 4.43 here. Xbenches deep into the 200s without a ram disk.
  6. Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.2

    I just sold my 7800gtx, was thinking of getting an 8800GT 1 GB. Would the 1 GB pose any problems? Since I already have the NVinject loaded from the kalyway installation, would I even need to make any software changes, or would it just work? Appreciate the help.
  7. GOT A NEW MacBook Pro

    Video cards won't do anything for video editing. When you're editing video (and converting it), you're using CPU and RAM, video editing isn't accelerated with your video card. If you're rendering with say, Maya, then the uprated video card in the Pro comes of use as it is a GPU-intensive application. Games would be something else that would take advantage of the GPU, but as for most programs that professionals use, whether we're talking about Final Cut, Aperture, Photoshop, or any other video- or photo-editing programs, they don't take advantage of the graphics card. That's why the almighty Mac Pro has a measly little 7300GT. In terms of CPU, there's not that much difference between the Macbook and the Macbook Pro, definitely not worth the 1000 dollar upgrade for a person that does editing mostly. Read the Macworld reviews for exact performance figures, even they conclude that there is little difference in performance in most applications between the 'book and pro thanks to the Core 2 CPUs.
  8. x48

    Looking forward to your results, as I want to buy this too.
  9. Best X38/X48 MOTHERBOARD

    I'm looking for this information as well. I'm thinking of picking up an Asus Rampage Formula, supposedly almost the same board as the Maximus Formula, which is supposed to be quite compatible.
  10. Why is it that no one responds to questions about what hardware to buy? We need to share our experiences and everybody eventually benefits.
  11. Is there a motherboard out there that will allow me to do this? I understand that I can create some sort of software RAID 0 from within Disk Utility (though I have to read up on how to do this), but is there a way to use a motherboard's RAID features to use two additional drives for a Vista install? Could you guys recommend a good Mac-compatible mobo that might be able to do this?
  12. I've transferred some shows from my HD PVR over firewire, and have shown up in M2T (transport stream). They're in 720p, and 5.1 sound, but apps like Handbrake etc. don't give me an option for AC3 5.1 passthrough. Are there any programs, or settings that you guys know of that will allow me to encode to x264 + AC3 5.1? Much appreciated!
  13. Got a P5K Deluxe w/ Q6600 @ 4.01 GHz water cooled, 8 GB RAM, Raptor 74 GB, 2 x Seagate 7200.11 500GB, 7800 GT in a Lian-Li V1000 connected to a 30" 2560x1600 screen. Got the aluminum keyboard and mighty mouse. Geekbenches 7xxx, within spitting distance of 8-core Mac Pros.
  14. Stretched yes, distorted no. With LCDs you wanna use pictures that are at the native resolution. Its not like you can't find 2560x1600 wallpaper. Keep in mind, if you have the Dell 30" in mind, with some graphics drivers, it doesn't like working properly. Especially with Tiger. It sees the panel's resolution as being 800x1280 (thats right, a narrow resolution) not 2560. Leopard seems to have no trouble with it though so far. Make sure you have a dual-link capable video card. My 7800GT has dual-link on one DVI port, but not the other.
  15. Best reccomended Motherboard?

    I use a P5k Deluxe with great results. Network works out of the box, sound works with a kext, wifi works with a driver. EFI works, good for overclocking as well.