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  1. Yeah without clover it boots with my motherboard logo. In UEFI mode. But with clover I don't get the logo. So it seems that's how it works with clover?
  2. Thanks for the solution guys. It worked out fine and everything boots as I have set it. Except, still the Windows boot is a black screen with a spinner and no boot logo. Is this a common problem or is it only me?
  3. Sorry. I thought hardware specs won't be necessary for my problem. I updated my signature with my hardware specs .
  4. I got Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center and OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 to dual boot in clover. Both are UEFI installations and are on two different hard disks. I got 2 problems while using clover 1 . I am trying to set Windows as my default boot option, but it seems to boot Mavericks as default. I have set the UUID (5D8DB1AA-60E0-4145-9F58-CB1EB1039BF5) of Windows under DefaultVolume and "\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi" under DefaultLoader. Is my setting correct or is there some other setting in clover configurator that I am overlooking? 2. Another issue related to booting Windows 8.1 with clover is I lose my boot logo and only see the spinning circle. So basically its a black screen with a spinning circle. Other than that there is no issues while using Windows. But the logo appears if I go to the Boot options and select the clover partition and then use it to boot into Windows. So what are the solutions for my problems? Thanks in advance
  5. They just don't like other developers name being mentioned in their forum. So when you mention them they just say you are promoting piracy and ban you permanently.
  6. DK7

    Installation guide with Clover?

    You can install with chameleon boot loader first and then use the installer version of clover to test it with a USB drive and boot from the USB. Then once you are sure with your customizations with the installer you can directly install it later to your mavericks partition or harddisk. I assume that you might have gone through some guides from insanelymac or osx86. So the basic idea is to get a working mavericks installation in the standard method and then replace the bootloader using clover v.2
  7. Using those beast things are a really bad idea. I used myhack this time to get mavericks and it was pretty straightforward. Not boot arguments no errors and nothing and was pretty quick too. With ML I used beast and took me 2 days and multiple reinstalls to get it to work. With myhack I only had to look for audio and Ethernet kexts and got everything working on my first try. Oh and TM you enforce strict legal rules don't you? So as you are producing a method to install Mac on non-apple branded hardware and at the same time violating Apple's EULA, why don't you obey your rules and ban yourself from your website? edit: forgot to quote Huckleberry Pie
  8. Let's see how these TM admins react to that. I am kinda curios. But yeah it unnecessary.
  9. what kind of a GPU are you using? and how do you check whether GPU speeds are changing based on system load?
  10. I think sleep, shutdown, and reboot work without any issues. I tested sleep specifically and only once the screen went unresponsive after wake and login. This is issue really makes no sense and mavericks doesn't recover from it too. Only way to recover is a hard reset as Eidola said
  11. hi guys, i got Mavericks up and running today. everything works fine but only one issue. randomly the desktop goes unresponsive while i can use my mouse and keyboard. meaning i can move the mouse pointer but i can't click anything like any apps, folders or the menu bar on the desktop. even shortcuts from the keyboard won't work while i can turn on and off the caps lock. it usually happens when i try to open an app folder or any menu bar item. I have no idea why this is happening. i still haven't experienced any crash or kernel panic either. what is the solution for this issue Here is my system specs if it helps: Intel Core i5 4670K Gigabyte Z87-HD3 running latest UEFI BIOS 2x4GB G.Skill 2x2GB Kingston (both are non-xmp) EVGA GTX 560 250GB Hitachi SATA II (Mavericks) 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA III (Windows 8.1)
  12. hi guys, i am a new member banned permanently from tonyidontcarex86.com. I think i am banned for mentioning iAtkos and for asking how to obtain Mavericks legally while not having a mac or a hackintosh. I hope i can work with you guys and contribute to developing this community