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  1. Tetrasoft

    Mac Users Have Different Brains

    As a mac user, I take offence to that.
  2. Tetrasoft

    MacBook Boot Issue

    The problem has fixed its self some how. What would that do?
  3. Tetrasoft

    MacBook Boot Issue

    I have done all the Updates.
  4. Tetrasoft

    MacBook Boot Issue

    When I boot my MacBook running Leopard, it does the Normal Boot sound, after 2 seconds it plays the last second of the Boot sound over and over for about 10 times, then it will wait about 20 seconds and then boot as normal. Has anyone else had this or Know how to Fix it? Thank You!
  5. Tetrasoft

    Can somebody please post MacOSX.tif?

    You right click on the Bundle/App and "Show Package Contents"
  6. Tetrasoft

    iATKOS v1.0i Released

    I am downloading it at the Moment and glas I upgraded my Processor to one with SSE3. Will be seeding when I can I like the use of 'mini'. Still prefered when the Demon was in town.
  7. Tetrasoft

    BonziBuddy is back!

  8. Tetrasoft

    Quicktime Update....

    I did it without a Problem. There seems to be alot more Problems in what Apple does nowadays.
  9. Tetrasoft

    Leopard Tweaker

    New Project Site! http://leopardtweak.sourceforge.net/ @The Baron - I have noticed the Screensaver Bug and am Trying to fix it, I have identified the Problem and am trying to obver come it. @Isiklik - I am doing some Research in changeing the size of the Icons but yet found nothing.
  10. Tetrasoft

    Leopard Boot Problems

    I installed Leopard x86 by ToH onto my Dell Inspiron 1300. The Install went well. I couldn't boot into it. So I put the CD in to Have a Look around and Find it then Boots. So I can only Boot into Leopard if I boot to the CD. I Set it to "MS Style Boot". Does anyone have any Ideas?
  11. Dont run Norton Full stop. Had it for 2 hours, bugged be constantly that something that wasnt wrong was wrong. It found the Eicar Test Virus, I told it to Ignore it, 5 minutes later "Virus Found". That Constantly. I Use ClamXav (http://www.clamxav.com/) for Scanning, I dont need real time Protection.
  12. Tetrasoft

    iATKOS Close To Release

    I can't wait until iAtkos or Dense is Released, I really want it on my new PC. I tried patching the Disk myself but failed. Hope it goes Well Dense.
  13. Tetrasoft

    How do you convert dmg to ISO

    You could also try this in the Terminal: hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso
  14. Tetrasoft

    Leopard Tweaker

    Sorry for the File size, im not good at Creating Disk Images. I have made a Zip version and Uploaded it, hope that helps.
  15. Tetrasoft

    Leopard Tweaker

    I am working on a New Program to Tweak Leopard. Creatively Named "leopard tweaker". Its still in Alpha. Please Try it and tell me what you think. THANK YOU!!! http://leopardtweak.sourceforge.net/ 3 Install Mediums Available: Tweaker-0.2.dmg (sorry for the file size) Install.pkg Tweaker-0.2.zip edit: Added new Project site link