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    ATI HD 5770

    Hi, I have a Sapphire Radeon HD5750 1GB. How did you get it working? Does it have full resolution and QE / CI? Thanks in advance...
  2. Sorry guys, been out of the loop for a while but I'm back now! Here is a copy of the modded bios 2102 for the Asus P5Q motherboard from Ian T's Marsbooter cd. Enjoy! P5QJUZZI.zip
  3. That is excellent news! Thanks for all your kind words. This was a collaboration with users input and feedback. I say share the wealth with others and enjoy what the Mac has to offer! Panther1
  4. Hello to all! I just confirmed that the new 1200 series driver activates the line-in finally. I can now use Garage Band with a Guitar cord natively. The only weird thing is that it seems to be mono but hey I'll take it for now until it can be made to work on stereo. Thanks a million! Panther1
  5. Hi Ian T, Sorry for the late reply. I don't use the sleep function either on my Mac Pro. I have the same configuration as you. I not sure what kext will get the sleep function for the P5Q. Panther1
  6. Hi deadpxl, I have only experienced one kernel panic and that one was by my own doing. I was trying to get the line in port to work for the onboard sound and experimenting with different audio kexts. Other than that, my system has been rock solid! Panther1
  7. Hi pulse00, Are you using the AttansicL1eEthernet.kext for the onboard network card? Look for Quaza's post and link to the P5Q.zip file. This will have the mentioned kext in there for you. Also open up network preferences in System settings once the kext is loaded and you have rebooted. This should then prompt saying that a new connection has been found and activate the onboard nic. Hope this helps! Panther1
  8. Hey Ian T Sorry so late getting back to you. I have looked at the Buffalo wireless card that I am using in my Mac Pro. It is generic 54g card with a Broadcom 4311 chipset. The Broadcom chipset is used in the "real Macs as well for the Airport Extreme adapters. Hope this helps at least. Panther1
  9. Hi Ian T, I'm using a real mac pro keyboard (slim) and Apple Pro mouse. Not sure why your usb keyboard and mouse are not recognized. As far as the Netgear 311 card goes, I have always found that the Broadcom based nic cards work as native airport cards. Not sure what the chipset is on the Netgear 311 series. An excellent piece of advise to Deadpxl! This is exactly what I have envisioned this tutorial would be, a collaboration of Mac Enthusiasts enjoying the benefits of being Mac! Panther1
  10. Hi Yeahia Amer, I cannot personally comment on either of these P5Q series boards as I do not own them. I can only imagine that if the differences in hardware are ever so slightly, they both should work and have the same results of a clean stable panic free installation of Snow Leopard Panther1
  11. Hey Kooby, Thanks! I have not had a single kernel panic from this installation. It is rock solid! I'm getting a evaluation of Snow Leopard Server shortly and will test it out as well. I run ILife 09 and IWork 09 flawlessly! As far as OSX is concerned, I have a real Mac Pro! I have noticed that I too have the incorrect cpu speed listed. I do have DDR2 667 memory so that read out is correct. Also in Disk Utility its stating that the drives are external instead of internal. None the less My Mac Pro is purring like a beautiful kitten! Panther1 Hi Deadpxl, I had nothing but kernel panic after kernel panic running SnowOsX 3.5. I finally managed to get a working installation of it but wanted a more stable and clean installation. Using this retail method has produced the cleanest and stable Snow Leopard installation to date. As far as OSX is concerned, I have a real Mac Pro. Go ahead and pull the trigger and install with this method. You won't regret it Panther1
  12. Thanks 3mp3ror! I used my retail dvd with this tutorial. It's the cleanest install to date that I have achieved. It only needs a few kexts after installation to make it all work but no modified images or dvds were used. I have not managed to get the bootcd bootloader onto the SL install, but was successful with Bxtreme's info getting my SL installation to boot on it's own now with the Chameleon RC2 and RC3 from the P5Q.zip file. Hope this helps! Panther1
  13. Hi Bxtreme, I successfully got it to boot with the older menu. I wanted to get the boot menu from the boot cd. What boot menu does your SL have? Panther1
  14. Thanks Ehh! My system specs are as follows: Asus P5Q - modded bios 2102 from Juzzi Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHZ CPU EVGA Nvidia 8600GTS SSC 256mb PCI-e 1 x Seagate 500GB Sata II drive (Snow Leopard) 2 x Western Digital 160GB Sata II drives - 1 Time Machine backups - other misc 8GB DDR2 667 Kingston memory Buffalo 54G PCI Wireless card That's excellent news Bxtreme!