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  1. 2nd option for Intel GMA 950. I've also installed with the 1st, and both (1&2). It seems like every time it does the same thing. Is there an easy way to remove my current kext and replace it while booted in safe mode?
  2. Any advice? Not sure what I can do to provide more information... If I boot in safemode it just boots up, and if I boot regularly I am stuck with the boot screen & moving cursor / colored spinning wheel...
  3. That seems to have fixed one thing (removing the VoodooHDA)... but now when I boot up not in safe mode I see the apple boot screen, with the loading animation frozen. I do have a cursor at some point though, of the colored spinning pin wheel in the top left corner of the screen. EDIT: Just tried GraphicsEnabler=No and now I'm at the boot screen with a cursor. Can't do anything though.
  4. What's the best way to go about removing it? I noticed that I can't see the Extensions directory in finder... and I tried kextunload via the terminal, but it asks for a sudo password. I don't have a password, and it won't accept it blank. EDIT: Now the system refuses to boot, yet again... Going to do a fresh install on a different HDD without the VooDoo, and I guess I'll give up if that doesn't work. The HD I'm using is out of a machine that was dropped, but it's shown no errors. The system is painfully slow though.
  5. Hey everybody, first post here! Need a little help, and hope to return the favor as I get better versed on this subject... I've installed OS X on my IBM / Lenovo X60 using iATK OS S 3 (10.6.3) and the good news is I can boot up in safe mode (-x) to a totally functional system. When I attempt a normal boot, it gives me a message that I must turn off my computer. The graphical picture of a power button with that message in several languages. Used iATKOS for convenience, I have a copy of Snow Leopard on the bookshelf above my desk Specs on the X60: http://support.lenov...ID=PD010033#arc (Mine has the T2400, 2 GB of RAM) To get this far I've tried several things, on the latest attempt I've disabled speed step and used minimal customization options during the install. Booting up with (-v), the last lines I see are: http://hostthenpost....00779dbdce3.jpg Any advice is greatly appreciated! Can't wait till I've got a slick little macbook that's tough as nails.