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  1. Have just upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra using normal upgrade download/install. Using VMWare Workstation Pro and Unlocker 2.07. No issues so far.
  2. El Capitan sound issue

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure how to uninstall the old darwin.iso, apart from just deleting it. Will that work with a menu install? Also, if you put the new darwin.iso in the VMWare folder, shouldn't the windows.iso (from the download site) be changed also?
  3. Hi I'm fairly new to this and cannot readily find the answers by searching, so please excuse some newby questions. I've now got Snow Leopard, Mavericks and El Capitan VMs running in VMWare Workstation Pro 12 and have enabled VMWare Tools using the Menu bar VM > Install VMWare Tools as mentioned in the post by MSoK. Everything appears to be ok, except sound does not play in El Capitan and there is no loudspeaker icon in the bottom right hand corner as well as no Sound Card listed in 'Devices' for it. Am I right in thinking that this may be fixed by an updated darwin.iso? I know that there is now v8.02, but in the download it has a 'windows.iso' file and not a 'darwin.iso' file (both of which are present in the 'Program Files (x86)\VMware' folder) - I'm wondering how should I apply the updated 8.02? (especially when Tools were installed by the menu). Any help appreciated! Cheers Chris
  4. Experimented a little and if USB3 is enabled in the VM USB controller, I lose USB2 mouse input completely even though a USB2 memory stick is shown as connected. If using an mains-powered hard drive it still doesn't show in a USB 3 port. Have reverted to the USB2 controller and will just have to attach a hard drive to one of the USB2/1.1 ports and run it at a lower speed. Hopefully the USB 3 will be resolved in the future. Thanks for your help anyway Chris
  5. I discovered what the problem was. On my Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard, only two of the ten USB ports are USB 2/1.1. Although all the rest are USB2 compatible, I guess the fact that they are USB3 ports prevents connections, even with USB2 devices plugged in. Also, when plugging in a USB3 external drive into one of the ports, there no connection, so I guess ML doesn't support USB3 in VMWare......?
  6. The icons I have are Hard Disk, CD/DVD, Floppy (greyed out), Network adapter NAT, Sound card, RIM composite device (had my Blackberry synched to the PC earlier but is no longer connected!) and 3 button MS mouse. No further USB icons at all and no external hard drive connection. All settings you mentioned are ticked and USB 2, not USB 3. I'm not sure what else I can try......
  7. Thanks for the reply MSoK. I'm using the latest Workstation too and I am plugging in a USB 2 hard drive (in fact I tried with 2 and a USB2 memory stick) into USB2 ports at the back of the PC. The thing is that there is no icon in the bottom right hand corner of Workstation relating to USB, only a keyboard icon. Similarly there is no USB entry under VM > Removable Devices at any time. Nothing appears on the Mac desktop when I plug in. Any thoughts? Chris
  8. Hi I've got Mountain Lion installed in VMWare 9 using the Unlocker program, on a Core i5 PC with 8GB RAM and so far everything seems fine, except for the USB connection. Although the VM settings have USB2 automatically connecting and there is a virtual USB device showing in System Information for the hub, keyboard and mouse, when I connect a USB hard drive, nothing happens. I've tried ejecting the hard drive from Windows and have had it plugged in when booting ML, but still no USB connection or entry under the VM > Removable devices menu in VMWare. If I'm missing something please let me know! Any pointers much appreciated. Chris