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  1. Hey guys, since I cannot find a solution to my problem anywhere, I think it is time once again to start a thread and ask you. As the title says, Mavericks won't shut down completely. It just gets to the point where my screens have turned off, but fans, blu-ray drive, etc. are still running, forcing me to manually hit the power button for 4 seconds. Interestingly restart works just fine (restart fix is applied, but I think it would even work without). Also my shutdown log is apparently ok. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Lukas
  2. maxxi6910

    Chameleon saves first boot-up flags?

    Thanks a lot guys, nvram was the problem. sudo nvram -c solved my issue! Also, thanks for the very fast replies! I have another problem with shutting my Mac down but since I'm quite busy atm, I'll open up a new thread regarding this bug another day. Lukas
  3. Hello everyone, I have a simple problem with my chameleon bootloader. Chameleon seems to have saved the boot-flags I used for my first boot. Everytime I come to the screen where I can pick the OS, I have to hit the delete key and delete the whole box where you normally type in boot flags, because npci=0x300 -v -x ... are always already typed in, making it impossible to use the "time-out" function. I have no idea why this is, especially since my first hackintosh didn't have any problem alike. Also I have searched quite some time now for a solution but can't find one. (Latest chameleon version is installed.) Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lukas