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  1. Hi Eng_Matt Thanks for all your hard work (and others) I'm about to try (again) to install on my N53SN - RH72 I had trouble before, but did not know about this thread. Tried IatkosML2 but will use only this thread this time. ---> Eng_Matt, do I only need these files you have posted on Page 5 of this thread? or do I get all the links from Page 1 and then replace files from Page 5? I plan to install 8.0 and then do the combo update to 8.2 I have the 1366x768 size screen, so will have to use some file from Page 2 (as someone said on page 5). thx
  2. The (2013) Laptop WiFi Dilemma :(

    hi Doc i bought an ASUS laptop, spent a few weeks hassling with it and gave up. it would boot. i used IatkosML. It needed some "injection" stuff to work further and I just don't have anyone to ask (had not known about this site) help mess with the DSDTs/kexts. (I'd have to look up the specs - haven't messed with it in 2 months) I obviously don't want a super expensive laptop, or I'd just buy a mac. We've had 3 mac laptops over the years - i have a desktop hackintosh, and wanted to make my wife a hack instead of buying a newer Apple laptop. she does lots of graphic design work - not photoshop, but illustrator and needs something with some moderate power. I've done a lot of searching on this site and cannot find any simple posts... here, go get this "newish" laptop and then do this and Voila! Lots of msgs are related to older laptops or not 10.7/8+. can you recommend something that will work without much fuss - possibly some "deal" that tigerdirect or newegg is pushing? ... or at least there's a supply of them on ebay? thx