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  1. Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    Do you using a patched AppleHDA or CloverALC ? Can you share your AppleHDA please ( this is the last Thing, that won't work on my Sierra Installation ) ?
  2. I'm using a GTX 980 and with latest NVIDIA WebDriver 346.03.01b07 my TFT switches after successful Init of GPU ( NVDAStartup:Web ) to Energy-saving Mode. With Yosemite I can boot withou Problems - same with "nv_disable=1". Is there any hope to get the GTX working ? Hope NVIDIA will fix this until to the Release …
  3. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    It's not a big Problem. Replacing the GTX 980 with a HD 5870 works good, but it's annoying in the long run. I hope Apple will update the old Drivers ( 310.42.05a43 are currently in DP1 ) in future Releases ...
  4. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Any Ideas how I can get a GTX 980 working ? Currently it starts only with nv_disable=1 …
  5. Clover Themes

    But then is the problem with the desk ( Selections ) and the icons in the second bar. In the next days I will port this to Chameleon and I hope I find a solution for this ...
  6. Clover Themes

    Thank you very much ... Is there any bugs on your system or runs all fine ?
  7. Clover Themes

    I'm done with my theme ! And the Name is : iClassic ... It's based on icons for an other project and the icons for disks are inspired by the theme "OS One". The font is from the theme "iClover" ... Here are some features : Animated Logo Icons from MacOS X 10.0 to OS X 10.10 Icons from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.1 Icons for Clover-, Linux- und Legacy-Drives ... and some other graphics. I hope you like this small and simple theme ... iClassic ( Version 1 ).zip
  8. Clover Themes

    Thank you for your fast reply. I changed the DPI in the Image to 72 and now it works ( was on 600 DPI ). I hope, this is the last big problem for this small theme ...
  9. Clover Themes

    Hi guys, I have some problems creating the OS-icons for my theme. I have created the icons in Pixelmator, saved as PNG and then ... converted them into icns-format using IconComposer.app in 10.9 and 10.6 ( posted in the first post ) -> no icons displayed, Clover switched to iClover Theme. renamed the png into icns -> no icons displayed, Clover switched to iClover again. What can I do, to get my icons displaying on screen ? Here is the PNG for Yosemite ( for example ) :
  10. AMD DMG Development

    @RampageDev : Here are my IOReg-Files created with you IORegExplorer. I hope, this Files will help you. The Board to this Files is the Gigabyte MA-770-UD3 ... IOReg.zip
  11. AMD DMG Development

    @RampageDev : Here are the unedited DSDT and IOReg-Files ... GA-MA770-UD3 ( Revision 1 ).zip
  12. Ok thank you for this Answer. Same Problem is with the iTunes Preview in Notification Center ...
  13. I have some Problems saving a PNG File to JPG. It outputs only a white Image, but when I save a copy of the JPG it saves the Image Data. Think it is a Kernel related Issue ? Original PNG : Saved into JPG : I'm using latest RC7 Fix for old CPUs ...