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  1. pippocal

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Koalala this topic is very intresting, i would like your opinion about my system MB 4coredual-sata2 CPU e6700 bios AMI sound 889a on board graphics card HD3870 Ethernet pci chip 8169a how I can set the ACPI patcher? Thanks Pippo
  2. Is it possible modify this driver for x4500hd? I would like to buy a ITX MB with this graphics card. thans for your reply Pippo
  3. Could you try the mb with Quick time player and with 1080p or 720p avi? what's happen ? the frame drop down? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I would like to use the MB Intel D945GCLF2 as media player with eyetv, someone has try the performance with 1080p video? Have you same suggest about a nice/chip/small case to use? Thanks Pippo
  5. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Hi have you try to use Xbench or OpenGL Extensions viewer ? My data are: Xbench: - all works - OpenGL graphics test there aren't graphics OpenGL: - all ok - if you make a test the result is "Inizialization Failed" - and when you close the application the video doesn't work have you different data? The X1000 GL driver isn't correct but meybe it's little different? Inizialization register? bye
  6. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    I don't Know what's happen in your OSX. Have delete ATINDRV.kext? It seems a permissions problem. In the picture below you''l find my status.
  7. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Have you set the attribs? a. sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/file name b. sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/file name with file name = Natit.Kext and CallistoHAL.kext and Callisto.kextand then repair a permission.If it doesn't work try to install AGPGart 3.0.3 for leopard.SorryI'll try more the driver install because yesterday evening all seem work. The information gave qe ci enabled and toast 8 was OK. But the all the video didn't go. Have you same ideas?
  8. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Eureka Now the patch work QE/CI enabled in leopard 10.5.1 with 2 problems : mouse tearing and black menu. The method is: 1. remove ATIRadeon9700.kext, ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin 2. install old 10.4.8 ATIRadeon9700.Kext and ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin 3. install callisto 4. use Koverg patch 5. modify ATIRadeon9700GLDriver.bundle (version 10.5.1): a. remove ATIRadeon9700GLDriver inside ATIRadeon9700GLDriver.bundle. The path is Contents/MacOS b. copy ATIRadeonX100GLDriver (version 10.5.1) in the directory where you have delete the ATIRadeon9700GLDriver and rename as ATIRadeon9700GLDriver ( the internal path is the same Contents/MacOS ) 6. remove ATINDRV.kext and copy Natit (Natit_ATIauto.kext.zip) 7. set the attribs in new files (meybe it's not important because afer you must repair a permissions) a. sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/file name b. sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/file name 8. repair a permissions 9. reboot with -f parameter or delete Extensions.mkext Now we must correct the color of menu bar. I hope to be clear.
  9. pippocal

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    I have an HD2600pro agp 512mb with a Triakis driver all resolutions work but no qe ci. Have you same suggest? My id card is 0x9587? Thanks
  10. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    I try to install koverg patch, Callisto drivers and then replaced my ATIRadeon9700GA.bundle into Leo 10.5.1 but with no lucky. The graphics System didn't work. Did you install in 10.5 or 10.5.1?
  11. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Could you upload the driver ATIRadeon9700GA.bundle version 9a321? Thanks
  12. pippocal

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    @goopnzaopleopz9 Great this is a best result. Where we can find ATIRadeon9700GA.bundle 9a321 used?