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  1. AppleHDA v2.6.11 (10.9.3 ) for CX20590

    I have been having some issues with my AppleHDA on a U410. Everything is functioning --- perhaps I am just being nit picky, but I have been trying to get the menu bar applet to sync up with the volume indicator fnkeys. I have done a codec dump and looked at everything (my line in pin config is different so I had to adjust that) but otherwise the layout config is the same, can you tell me if you have a similar issue? I have reviewed other fixes for this, example on the HP ProBook and solution was to correct their layout by adding the mixer/selector node for the internal speaker; however the internal speaker doesnt map through a mixer/selector... My codec was marketed to me as being the CX20672 but dumps out of Linux as CX20590... Are they one in the same rebranded? Is linux incorrectly ID'ing my codec? I know there are multple questions here and I didnt quite know where to post this reply so I thought maybe on the kext.. if you can offer any help with this it would be much appreciated.