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  1. Hey guys how is it going. So i have a interesting issue Ive been looking all over the net for and nothing has worked so far. not sure if its a issue either and that how the phone is or if i'm just crazy lol. I just got a iphone 6 plus the other day and now its seems like the keyboard clicks are really low and when you goto dial a number the number tones are really low sometimes the lock screen but my ringtones and if you play music is fine and really loud. and it defiantly seems lower compared to my company phone which is a 5c the dial tones and the keyboard clicks are louder.
  2. Ferrari513

    Iphone 5 continuous reboot

    here a video of whats going on https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjrurvky6ikwa4r/IMG_0670.MOV?dl=0
  3. Ferrari513

    Iphone 5 continuous reboot

    Hey gentlemen and ladies, I thought I would pick the mind of some guru techies and see if you can help me solve this issue. I have a iphone 5 I was asked to look at. and it took a good fall. it was working but one night it shut off and now you plug it in or try to start it and the apple screen come on and then reboots. is their a way that i can somehow get into this phone and revocery the data off of it. I ordered a new screen and battery to put in it and i know i can put it into recovery mode, but the problem is this person is one of the many people who dont back up their phone. Is their any way that i could recover the data from this phone. Thank you
  4. Wasnt really sure where to post this so i thought i would put it here. So me and my friend where driving around the neighborhood and on a couch outside to be tossed laying their looked to be like 17inch maybe 20 inch imac. too bad it was out in the rain storm the night before. I'm just leaving in the sun to dry out even though I know it wont work. but i got the idea to find parts on ebay and replace it and make it work. or better yet What about fitting it with some pc parts and making all in one hackintosh.
  5. alright i know i did this a longtime ago and i cant find it in google and what i even typed in google to find it. but i know i type some sort of address code that brought up a menu to disable some sort of ad tracking i just cant remember what it was. anyone know.
  6. Alright i justed picked up a little HP g42-475dx its got a Dual Core AMD Phenom II N640 Dual-Core Processor 2.90ghz and and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200. I just done a little reading and seems some amd people are getting os x on their pc. all i want to know is if i can possible get it to work or it i'm wasting time.
  7. works perfect and now my computer sleeps too awesome work zenith.
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    Alright so this is my first build, got moutain lion 10.8.3 so far I got everything working on my p9x79 deluxe board only usb 3.0 minor sleep issue left but i'm sure zeniths project will get their very awesome. now only thing left is my hdmi audio from my gtx 690 graphics card. I have my on borad hd audio working got it hooked up threw my optical port and comes out my surround sound. but what I would like to know is if (like in my win7) I can have hdmi audio as an option along with my on board sound. sometimes I like to have my tv on which comes threw my surround sound and when i'm on win7 my computer screen in front of me is a little tv so I can make my pc sound come out of the little tv. I would like to accomplish this in os x. So I'm wondering if this is possible.
  9. Hello first off i wanted to say great job on this amazing project. this has been my first hackingtosh build and I think Ive done a good job on getting everything to work. all other usb 3.0 kexts and fixes i have used did not work. but this one work great all my ports work nothing freezes and or glitches. the only thing that doesn't work but seems to be a problem Ive read a lot on this post is my sleep is broken, when i actually click sleep it doesn't wake. works fine if i let the screen shut off and come back on and log on even logging on and off is great. and i do get this when i boot up using -v but it doesn't seem to be a problem and it loads. but I'll post some pics. oh and i have a p9x79 deluxe with asmedia 1042 https://skydrive.liv...DB0K7qO4tDwnpA https://skydrive.liv...ADB0K7qO4tDwnpA https://skydrive.liv...ADfOXgKW1Ye8M0Y https://skydrive.liv...ACwNYh-THExBhsM