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  1. Anyone with LION on Dell Precision 690 ? -Yes ME :)

    yo bro, the 690 has a switch on the inside top right corner that senses whether the case panel is open or not. If that switch is not pressed down, the fans will spin up at full power because it senses that the case's cooling is compromised. Your switch could either be unplugged from the board or no longer functioning properly. I actually taped my case sensor switch down so I could work on the case while it is open. Yup, those fans are load at full speed but amazingly quiet when operating correctly.
  2. Anyone with LION on Dell Precision 690 ? -Yes ME :)

    are those dual or quad-core procs? I could totally use the ram though! oh yeah, just got my graphics working after a morning of hard work. running a asus 210 sient 1gb i got for $30. had to use had to edit com.apple.boot.plist using osx86 tools. acceleration is working and i can now watch dvds. running at 1080p. I now have a fully functioning customac thanks to you guys
  3. Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    mines worked on a dell precision 690 8-core with this gpu running 10.6.4 - open cl and all. can open dvd player as well
  4. Anyone with LION on Dell Precision 690 ? -Yes ME :)

    My Ethernet is working bro! I have a real computer here now. Very tempting to use this as my everyday machine. I looked at the asus card, but it is a bit pricey and I don't want to spend much money on this machine. Any thoughts on a gt240? I hear they are oob as well. I spotted one on ebay for $30.
  5. Anyone with LION on Dell Precision 690 ? -Yes ME :)

    Thanks man, however, I did get my audio working using voodoohda 2.5.6. Gonna try your networking kext asap. Was gonna buy a usb mini wireless n, but maybe I will put that dough towards a 6670 or something like that. I hear they work oob.
  6. Anyone with LION on Dell Precision 690 ? -Yes ME :)

    I scored an 8-core dell precision 690, 4gb or ram for $40 the other day!I installed retail 10.6.4 using ibuut+multibist, windows 7 and linux on it. However, in osX 10.6.4 I have no network and no audio and my 7300gt graphics are wonky. You guys did help me get my storage working though! Any tips on getting the other stuff going? btw, I want to keep 10.6.4 cause I have PPC Adobe Creative Suite 2 and I want to keep using it for a little while longer and 10.7 Lion would eat it. I tried voodoo for audio but I am using the older multibiist and it did not work. Can I use multibiist for lion and not kill my 10.6 install? Lastly, is everyone here booting to a pata drive ... or just me? Checkout my vid ... http://youtu.be/ObYSeMpYPsM