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  1. Power Down Issue

    This is a issue with the nvidia drivers on OSX... Try to install the latest Nvidia Web Drive for your build number and assign the flag "nvda_drv=1" in your clover config.plist
  2. maps can not locate the current position

    Do you have a working wifi-card / adapter? The only way that maps can find your current position is trough this hardware
  3. black border screen problem

    This is a problem related with your graphics card and is not really a problem... To get fullscreen on boot you gonna need patch your graphics card and change the vesa mode resolution... To be honest, its better use a black boot theme, like this http://girlintroverted.wordpress.com/clover-themes/ Patch your card is not that easy and can be very dangerous if you don't do right.
  4. Issues with finder

    This issue is really normal since 10.6... but it on 10.10 this problem are more constant. There is no fix, only apple can fix this. I've got the point of let the windows on the size that finder puts it... is annoying, I know, but... We can't do nothing to fix.
  5. Font Garble?

    Holy cow o-o Did you use some Intel-inject? Can you post your config.plist file?
  6. Boot Screen Issues

    Can you post your config.plist file? Are you using UEFI boot? Maybe you need the CsmVideoDxe driver.