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  1. Siro

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    I have got the problem resolved finally and have a fully working install with no problems whatsoever.
  2. My rig also boots by default into 32 bit mode and it tends to get stuck @64 bit mode at the Apple Logo.
  3. I have been able to resolve my problem of the slow ethernet on RTL8139 card by following these instructions provided in the link below : http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/rtl8139-works-in-64bit-t3917/ I have finally been able to get my graphics card working using EFI Studio and hence the problem is resolved so the thread can be closed. Thanks a lot.
  4. Siro

    D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    Thanks to the kext files provided above I was able to get my Snow OS X v3.5 distro without any major hiccups and I used a somewhat different procedure to copy the files onto system/library/extensions using MacDrive 8.0 on Windows 7 and then booted with -x -v -f because after successfully installing SL I would get stuck at no information set about this mac or something but with the kexts provided I was able to resolve and get a working install. Thanks a lot. Now the only problem that I am having is to install my eVga Nvidia 9500 Gt 512 card and the instructions provided in the nvidia graphics section worked perfect for me on Leopard 10.5.8 and installation was as easy as anything before. Now the only issue that I am having is when I try to run OSX86 Tools to execute Efi Strings I get a boolean error and if I am able to get rid of that then I am quite sure I can get the drivers to install. Any help in this regard will be highly welcomed.
  5. Siro

    The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    How did you go about installing the drivers via the OSX86 Tools I got this error while trying to open EFI strings : Can’t make "0" into type boolean. (-1700)
  6. After so many days of trial and error I have finally got the SNOWOSX v3.5 distro running on my desktop listed in the signature below but I am having a strange problem that my NTFS partitions on my SATA hard-drive are not mounting and secondly the internet on my Snow Leopard is insanely slow as compared to Windows 7 where it works perfect. My network is detected of the shelf and its a D-LINK with model number RTL8139 something. I would be grateful if anybody could help me out in this respect. And when I run OSX86Tools on it, it gives me some boolean 0 error while I try to click the button add efi string. Since I am not that good with troubleshooting any help in all respects will be highly welcomed and the previous threads made by me detailing my installation issue was an error on my part as I was unable to execute the DSDT patch command properly during the installation process in terminal.
  7. My specs are provided below in my signature and I am using the snowosx v3.5 disc to install SL on my hard-drive and after the install successfully completes I get this error @bootup and the image is attached along. I would be grateful if you could tell me what is the problem and how can I go about solving it? Please help me!
  8. Siro

    SL on ASUS P5K Pro [Success]

    I also installed SnowOSX on my motherboard the installation went successful but when I try to boot I get this error and my partition scheme was MBR by default. The image is attached and any analysis on this would be highly welcomed.
  9. Siro

    Snow Leopard on Asus P5Q

    I have it installed at least 5 times since its release and get stuck on the Apple Boot screen with nothing happening. My hardware is different though and no Leopard install and I used MBR and not GUID.
  10. I have uploaded an image of the error I receive after I boot into Snow Leopard after installing from the SnowOsx Universal GM v3.5 distro.
  11. Did not work for me either the SnowOSX tried at least 4 to 5 times and installed successfully but it tends to get stuck at this screen whenever I try to boot after install and I simply do not understand it! Image attached.
  12. Will this guide work on D946GZIS chipsets?
  13. My PC has the following specs written in my signature and I was wondering if I will be able to install a copy of Retail Snow Leopard on it or not. I tried the available distro SnowOSX Universal v3.5 it installs successfully but does not boot at all. Any forthcoming information will be highly welcomed in this regard and I have successfully installed all previous distro's without any major problem including the iDeneb 10.5.8 Lite edition recently. No help on the way I have gone through various posts already but have not found any suitable method to install Retail Snow Leopard and help would be greatly welcomed. I get this screen after installing the SNOWOSX Universal GM v3.5 on bootup after a successful install!
  14. Siro

    Snow Leopard on PC

    I also downloaded the v3.5 Iso installed successfully but I was not able to get it to boot in any manner although during installation I encountered no problems and I had no install of Leopard on my desktop in the not so recent past although I got the latest iDeneb 10.5.8 working without any problems and a lot of previous distro's from Tiger days as well.
  15. Siro

    The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Worked perfect for me and installed it on 10.5.8 without any issues. Just hoping for a method to find to upgrade to Snow Leopard tried the available SNOWOSX Universal v3.5 distro the installation completes but the PC remains stuck on the Apple Logo after booting into Snow Leopard.