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  1. have you installed latest lilu kext in s/l/e and latest fakesmc in kext/other in the efi ?
  2. just updated to high sierra, all worked well using new clover and configurator , had to to update smibios for firmware update and installed as hfs+ and not apfs i think the guide should be ok for high sierra too
  3. many thanks Herve for your reply, unfortunately my cam is a Sonix, just bought 2 other webcams from a dell 6220 and 6430 on Ebay, hopefully one will be Sunplus .... i looked at the links for trying to fix the hdmi audio but found it really complicated for me, i was messing about with Audio Midi Setup and changed format to 8ch 16 - bit integer 96.0 khz and hdmi audio worked through my TV !!!!!! ....wooohoooooo will let you know how i get on with other webcams soon Many thanks again
  4. Archive.zipArchive.zipHi, I'm hoping someone can help me, I have a dell 6320 i5 8 gig men, I used this guide using clover v2.4 4200. used Herve's dsdt and Kmorope's config.plist and fitted a DW1510 for wireless lan, this guide with users feedback and help files has been excellent for a newbie like me ...... I do have 2 issues that I would love help on 1. webcam doesn't work , the light comes on but just a black screen 2. hdmi no sound , picture is great but no sound thru TV I have attached files hoping that someone can take a peek and hopefully tell me where I've went wrong