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  1. DSDT help

    So i have to deleate all the kext in extra\extentions? I copy now the dsdt to extra And i package the kext which you five it to me with kext helper I think i run on half my mac from bootusb xD probably that why it didnt work correctly also darwin S/l/e. you mean system/library/extra?
  2. DSDT help

    in folder Extra i have Extensions.mkext and folder Extensions in that folder extentions is: disabler.kext EvOreboot.kext fakesmc.kext LegacyAppleRTC.kext VoodooBattery.kext VoodooTSCSync.kext and that it
  3. DSDT help

    Im using 10.6.3 Snow leopard from iAtkos s3 v2. ok i get the result from system info VEN ID Vendor Dev ID Device 1002 ATI technologies 43a0 SB700/SB800 PCi to PCi bridge 1002 ati 9802 amd radeon hd 6130 GraphicAti under kext IONDRVSupport.kext 2.1 version device AMD Radeon HD 6310 GraphicATI class id 0300
  4. DSDT help

    It wont open even with your version it just showed in dock that app is opened but i dont see it anywhere Also i opened it as show contents and went inside macos folder them run terminal darwindumper and give me the error ....../darwindumper.app/contents/resources/script: line431. To many arguments
  5. DSDT help

    I finnaly did it all it work im writing now from my hackingtosh Also will make the tutorials how i did it but i still dont know if there is any kext for amd e300 available? only 1 cpu now works
  6. DSDT help

    Ok i did it somehow. i uploaded files of chameleon usbmod to usb then went to linux live cd and copy there boot and usr/standalone and add theme for modusb. i run with what you suggested. but now im stucked on patch_exec_obj_segment failed and it keeps repeating this all the time? when i writing this message somehow it get inside Mac OS X after 5 min of loading patch_exec_obj_segment failed what i have to do now to avoid these problems? update: Sleep wont work also Wireless and cable network wont be recognized Thank you very very much!!!!
  7. DSDT help

    Thanks for so fast reply. Now i got other problems. I puted the DSDT.aml to Extra folder in usb. and run with USBmod chameleon 2.1 After all it loads and found DSDT.aml but then it freeze in these line Read fat32 file: [hd(0,1)/Extra/DSDT.aml] 65618 bytes. Using PCI-Root-UID value: 0 Framebuffer @0x80000000 MMIO @0x90400000 I/OO port @0x0000000 ROM addr @0x0000000 ATI card POSTed, reading VBIOS from legacy space and then it freeze. Did i do something wrong? did i have to try to put DSDT.aml with ubuntu live disc into it? or maybe beacouse i didnt add any kext in extra? i didnt even run it one time it always stucked before at DSDT.aml but now its stuck here. i dont know why ATI card posted reading vbios beacouse i have AMD not Ati maybe i did something wrong with USBmod?
  8. DSDT help

    Howdey Hei guys, i just want you to help me with DSDT files to match with my Compaq presario cq57 Spec: DualCore AMD E-300, 1286 MHz AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics After a while i installed iAtkos s3 v2 and install gone well, after that when i wanted to boot mac its said DSDT.arc not found. So then i used the Ubuntu live cd and get the DSDT.arc file after that i decompile it to dsl im kind new at these DSDT files/tables so i need a little help if anyone is interested in it (could give you little reward(itunes gift or googleplay gift ) DSDTAlbatron.zip
  9. Howdey Im new at this forum and i would like to say its great community and keep doing great works! So i have presatio cq57 with amd e-300 i have no use in it so i did try to give a mac on it. I used iatkos s3 v2 snow leopard mac. First i had problems with installation after i choose from chameleon it just make grey background and apple logo. Then after a while i tryed with -v cpus=1 busratio=16 (I dont remember anymore correctly) Then i went to disk unitily after that i create disk which after that i installed succesfully mac on. Now the problems. After i went to boot and run macosx it crashed and restarted. Already try with busratio 8and all. Then i saw the last what it said before computer restart and thats a DTDM.arc not be found? Any solutions? I think i need usb bootloader with chameleon and with right DTDM.arc files one since mine missing :s Update: i already try with USBboot loader and just try to put one DSDT.arc file and i saw that os recognized DTDM.arc file but after that it freeze. Thats why i dont have right dtdm so i asking you guys if anyone already created it or some instructions how to made it. im kind new at mac, but i would like to use it for eclipse SDK beacouse im working as Android development also for iOS update 2: I get the DSDT.arc from ubuntu live cd and decompile it to get also dsdt.dsl. Thank you in advance!