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  1. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I tried the driver listed below from this post, and everything is fully working now... hope this helps someone else out.
  2. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    hey guys/gals, I just rebuilt my one system with iPC 10.5.6 final and i'm having issues with my Saphire 3650HD. The driver with iPC gets me into the desktop but no QE. I tried the driver for intel 3650 off first post on this thread and it just breaks the display. colors and black strips across both monitors with the driver. how can i get QE enabled with 10.5.6? MB : EP35-DS4 CPU : Q6600 Video : Saphire ATI 3650 HD photo is the iPC packaged driver.
  3. 10.5.6 Released!

    what hardware specs do you have?.. MB, processor, video, etc...
  4. Parallels 4

    I had no issues installing Parallels 4. I was running JaS 10.5.4 updated to 10.5.5 with a Q6600. I have both fusion 2 and parallels installed and for stability, fusion is better. Parallels has some really great features and can customize a lot of settings but it just wasn't very stable. Application crashes, and if you tried to enable all 4 cores on of the cpu for the VM it would bring the host to it's knees with the host using all the cpu.
  5. How To Install OSX with ASUS mobo

    don't really game much on my system, have consoles for that ...so couldn't tell ya, but the 3870 is a pretty good card for gaming included. of course it's a generation behind the 4000 series but it still does the job. you'll have to do some more research or ask in other forums what the best graphics card is that is still supported by leo..
  6. How To Install OSX with ASUS mobo

    i have an ATI 3870 in my system, works fantastic.
  7. How To Install OSX with ASUS mobo

    if i'm not mistaken, i haven't seen any support for ATI's 4000 series cards. I might be wrong though... it'd be nice to have a 4870 though.. ...
  8. How To Install OSX with ASUS mobo

    yeah so does mine, wierd thing is after selecting the skge driver for marvell yukon cards, booting after the install, there are no cards detected. even on boot it no longer shows the mac addresses with a -v on boot... I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. That's why i was curious if your selecting a certain driver or not selecting something. I've been selecting both the skge driver as well as under identification the Marvell yukon 2.
  9. How To Install OSX with ASUS mobo

    how does Jas install perfectly?... I can't get my Yukon working. I've followed all the instructions on editing the plist but leo just won't detect that there are any ethernet ports. Which drivers did you select and what board were you using. I have a Maximus Formula ...
  10. Hey there, Here's a rundown on my system... MB : Asus P5N-E SLI (nforce 650i) RAM : 4GB DDR2 800 VIDEO : XFX GeForce 7100 (128 MB) Onboard NIC & Audio (883) I'm running all SATA in this system, (1 1TB Samsung Spinpoint, 1 150 WD Raptor, 1 SATA DVD burner) I currently have installed iDeneb 10.5.5. It's the only disk i get get to boot without a panic or the waiting for root device message. iDeneb will install fine, I've tried a both different nforce and nforce-text chipest drivers, the 883 audio, video driver for nvidia 128 mb cards and don't install any nic drivers. I've been selecting the 9.4 patched kernel, if i try and leave it vanilla the system won't boot and restarts almost instantly. I haven't tried any of the 9.2 versions ... The system will boot up fine and I then add the kext for the network i found off these forums. I'm sorry, I don't remember the version of the kext. The driver has some issues getting dhcp but it seems to work fine once i set a static IP to it, which I have to do anyways. The system isn't very stable though, I'm getting lock ups where I can't even move the mouse. System becomes non responsive and have to push the reset or power button. I'm not sure if the freezing problem roots from the NIC driver or the chipset drivers. ... any suggestions on what to try next?
  11. Can't find network shares

    I'm not really sure as to why with the 10.5.2 installs this is acting a little weird, but I did find a fix for my situation.. so if anyone else is also having a problem. I found this post in the macrumor's web site http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=377771 Once i made this registry change and rebooted the server i was able to connect to it again with smb://server/sharename "im having the same issue. it's a samba incompatibility. vista has a newer version that doesn't want to work with macs. you can revert it back to xp behavior by opening your registry and browsing to here: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\ in the right column look for 'lmcompatibilitylevel' and double click on it. change that '3' to a '1' and restart. the vista pc should show up on your network. now that it shows up, i still can't connect to the pc from my mac. only pc to mac works."
  12. Hey all, Ok i have a odd situation that i need some help with. I installed leo4allv3 on my system and everything was running fine at first. After a couple days trying to connect to some shared folders off of my windows server seemed to be starting to take longer and longer. Well day before yesterday I couldn't connect to the shares at all. I could ping the server, I even joined the active directory domain, but I still couldn't connect to any of the network shares. I have several pc's on my network but I couldn't see any of them in finder, or even connect to them. So last night I figured ok, I'll just reinstall again but I might as well give the 10.5.2 kalyway disc a try this time. After installing, I joined the domain, added my local domain to the search domains in the networking settings and look at that, it's the exact same story. I can't connect to my server shares or even see any other machines on the network in finder. I turned on the vnc sharing to hope that I could work on it remotely, but I can't connect to the unit. So I attempt to ping it.. nope no response. From my server I try and ping the mac's IP from my server and it doesn't get a reply either. The whole situation seems and acts like there's a firewall on the mac .. but the only place I'm aware of that is within the system prefs - sharing .. and it's not enabled. Help... I'm not sure how to get the shares working... All networking shares with my windows boxes were working great with kalyway 10.5.1 (even after upgrading with the 10.5.2 patch).
  13. Recommend a Bluetooth USB dongle?

    Has anyone tried flashing the DBT-122 with the apple firmware?
  14. Hey there, Has anyone had any luck with the logitech bluetooth dongle?. Let me explain what I'm trying to do. I have a dinovo laser keyboard and mouse currently and I had an idea to pick up the little apple wireless keyboard. I figured it'd be an easy swap and i could still keep my mouse and media pad/number pad from the dinovo. After fiddling however i couldn't get the apple wireless keyboard to connect to the logitech dongle using the connect buttons off the dongle and the keyboard to auto pair like what the logitech hardware can do. leopard doesn't see the logitech dongle as a bluetooth device either. Not really sure about that one either, I know there's some settings on the windows driver to lock the receiver down to only the logitech periferals or can connect other devices... but anyways, osx doesn't see it... So I went and grabbed a dlink dbt-122. osx finds it great, i can connect the apple keyboard, the media pad, my phone .. all no problem. it however has a serious problem trying to connect the mouse. It sees it, it just fails when it's trying to pair with it. I got it paired once after i brought the machine out of a sleep state, it for some reason was able to connect. although after shutting down disconnected the mouse and it's the same struggle to get it connected again. The other bad thing about the Dlink is that my asus maximus formula doesn't detect any keyboard and mouse connected to it. I don't think it actually connects devices until leopard loads by the look of it, so getting into the bios then is a task requiring plugging back in the old keyboard. So this is really some documentation to add to the forum as well as if anyone has had any luck pairing an apple keyobard with a logitech dongle discussion ... Has anyone got the logitech dongle to show up in osx?... has anyone out there able to pair the apple keyboard with the dongle?...
  15. Anyone have luck with the ADI 1988B sound chip?

    I'm running an Asus Maximus Formula as well... When I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 i selected the Azilla 1988 option under the sound choices. I have stereo sound out of 2/4 speakers for playback currently. Just a note : In my bios i have HD audio selected instead of the ac97 It would be nice to have audio playback out of all 4 speakers of my thx logitech's like i had under winblows but audio quality is not to shabby and can live with the 2 working.