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  1. Kernal Panic- Need advise/help 10.9

    when i type -s at boot i get a next kernal panic (really appreicates the replies and help)
  2. Ok guys here's what we got here. ( I'm New and a Noobie ) I have a Lenovo t430 with a 3rd gen i5, nvidia nvs5400 and centrino 6300 wireless adaptor. set to boot setting to UEFI and legacy but boot UEFI first I recently put a brand hard drive in laptop to minimize problems with running Mac and windows. I followed a MYhack install (How to install OS X 10.9 Mavericks on your PC with myHack) the myhack install went smoothly, worked out exactly how it was supposed to prompt by prompt When the installer was complete, it had asked me to restart it. When i restarted and boot to the drive I got this which i think is a kernal panic message correct? Is so how do i fix this and if not what can i do? Advise and help will be much appreciated!! thanks in advance (I ATTACHED THE ERROR)