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  1. ktazn2k

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    You're right, it's just Chameleon. Switched to Clover and it was able to complete installation and run DP2 fine. I guess I'm going to wait until a fix for Chameleon for DP2, because I much prefer using it than Clover.
  2. ktazn2k

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    I got the same errors, at this point the system just hangs. I tried a reinstall with the same problem. Do you happen to be using Chameleon or Clover? I'm using Chameleon atm.
  3. ktazn2k

    Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    Thanks so much for this! I was up all night desperately trying to get Yosemite to boot after it successfully installed on my external drive, only to get held back by Clover and its convolutedness (darn thing kept freezing upon boot). I was just about to give up and install it on my real Mac instead (2013 iMac). But I'm glad this was just released. I wiped out all of Clover on my Yosemite installation, replaced it with this Chameleon version, swapped a few extensions out and presto—Yosemite now running almost perfectly.