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    Are working OOB Geforce GT 210 on Sierra 10.12?

    Yup everything else is working except resolution.
  2. Finished installing Sierra 10.12.4 on an Optiplex 755 with Gigabyte Geforce GT210 512MB and E8400 processor. The card has resolution issues with vga monitor but working great on a dvi monitor. Used this kext to make the sound work. Made the installation media using this guide as was having issues with second stage of Sierra installation with the createinstall method. Thanks everyone for the help specially macpeet and Polyzargone.
  3. roon83

    Are working OOB Geforce GT 210 on Sierra 10.12?

    Working with a dvi display. Gives wrong resolution with a vga display.
  4. roon83

    nVidia Geforce GT 210 Sierra resolution issue

    Yup the display is giving all the vga resolutions. I'll just replace the display with a dvi one.
  5. roon83

    nVidia Geforce GT 210 Sierra resolution issue

    The same monitor works perfectly on my other rig. details in the signature. Maybe the issue is with the card.
  6. I installed Sierra on a Dell Optiplex 755 with a Core2Duo E8400 and Geforce GT 210. The installation is working fine and I am getting the display and acceleration with nv injection in clover but the monitor is not detected properly and I am getting "Vga Monitor" with a resolution of 800X600 in the display tab of about this mac which I can scale up to different resolutions but I am not getting the supported resolutions of my monitor. I have a 20" AOC 2043fsk LED monitor with a VGA port that has the native resolution of 1600x900. The monitor is attached to the dvi port of the gpu with a dvi to vga connector. What can I do to make it work? Will adding nvcap help?
  7. roon83

    Are working OOB Geforce GT 210 on Sierra 10.12?

    I am using a VGA monitor on the DVI port with a connector and have resolution issues. Will adding the nvcap solve the issue?
  8. So are you suggesting that trying the 10.12.5 beta might solve the graphics issue?
  9. Yup It's the latest 10.12.4 (Sorry for the late reply as I was busy). I finally installed it by the method provided by you. Thanks for the help. The Hack has working internet. The display has no QE/CI. It doesn't boot with the dsdt provided by macpeet. I use the other graphics card dsdt with Eulemur and ATI injection in the config to reach the desktop. Any suggestions for solving the video problem? The graphics card is a HD6350 (68f9). I'll attach the dsdt and config.plist when I'll start the hack. Thanks again for the help.
  10. Ok I will try the other method. Actually it's the first time that I have used the createinstall method. I am pretty comfortable with the other method.
  11. So I have two options then? Use an older version of clover or try to create the installation media with the method provided by you. Which one should I go with?
  12. I am able to complete the first phase of the Sierra installation but then clover is not continuing the installation. Using a dell optiplex 755 and hd6350 with eulemur framebuffer. Can somebody help.