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  1. hans fisch

    nawcom MOD CD

    Version for 10.6.x installation


    this is nawcom's MOD CD, to be written to a disc the MOD CD disc is then booted, then the official snow leopard installation disc is booted from that this MOD CD is both a 10.6.x kernel and bootloader combined. this MOD CD kernel will not work with 10.6.8 and you need nawcom's 10.6.8v2 kernel for that, available here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/182-amd-1068v2/ i wrote a full guide here for a 10.6.8 install here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288474-simple-steps-to-amd-hackintosh-stable-everything-working/ i originally found this file here: http://nawcom.com/osx86/ModCD/OSX86_ModCD-091512-143758.iso.zip
  2. hans fisch

    AMD Kernel 10.6.8

    Version 2


    this is the 10.6.8 v2 nawcom kernel, which has to be installed either before or after snow leopard is updated to apple's 10.6.8 update pack, but definitely before the computer is restarted. if installing after: open this 10.6.8 v2 kernel installer once and leave it for 30 seconds and the apple 10.6.8 installer will quit itself, then open the 10.6.8 v2 kernel installer again and install it. all credit to nawcom, works quite flawlessly for me working hardware can be found here, please add yours to help everyone know what works you can give your spare computer processing power to scientists through the university of berkeley with BOINC
  3. hans fisch

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    CPU: AMD PHENOM II X4 965 MOTHERBOARD: ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 RAM: 4GB 1333 MHz OS: 10.6.8 KERNEL: NAWCOM GRAPHICS: ATI HD 6670 works without additional kext USB: USB rollback kext. all working INTERNET ETHETNET: LNX2MAC AUDIO: VOODOOHDA pre-selected by nawcom MODCD everything working and stable. except sleep doesn't work i'm thinking of upgrading to lion or mavericks when support for snow leopard is dropped
  4. hans fisch

    [solved] security update on AMD ?

    OK i just did it and it was fine - no need to patch kernel or anything
  5. hello i'm on an AMD computer i have snow leopard up and running with everything working, except i just wonder: if i do the security update, will it break it ? or what if i do a security update then repatch the 10.6.8 nawcom kernel ?
  6. hans fisch

    Input audio devices

    yes i just discovered that turning off pink rear fixes the static for me ! i'm on voodooHDA 2.7.2 the default one on the snow leopard 10.6.3 installation disc, that the nawcom mod CD automatically selected. i was just putting up with it before because it was quite quiet static compared to the music i was playing perrhaps if we plug a microphone into the pink rear ? i'll try it one day mine seems to stay off even after reboot another thing - only just realised this thread is dated 012 and not 013
  7. hello yes i'm on nawcom's 10.6.8 legacy kernel with chameleon bootloader ' display sleep ' works fine however ' computer sleep ' won't wake up with power button, keyboard, mouse i'm on an ASUS M5A78L with latest BIOS i've read sleepenabler kext doesnt have anything to do with the waking up ? i'm about to look for a darwin dump
  8. yeah i just saw the official apple video for mountain lion - a bunch of features i don't really want. maybe i will upgrade to lion eventually when there is better AMD support. however i only recently installed snow leopard, and on an old hitachi hard drive, and it is FAST - much faster than windows xp
  9. last update: december 013 hello *important intro macintosh is a temperamental operating system to install without it's native hardware. once installed it is surprisingly stable in contrast. i had to follow this guide to every detail, as each driver can only be installed once, and if the wrong driver is installed, you have to install snow leopard right from the beginning for the right driver to work. be patient and wait for everything to load - there is no need to force power down most of the time. i spent a whole day in circles until i worked it all out. this will take about two hours if using the same hardware as i did. secondly, snow leopard is no longer supported by apple, and does not receive security updates. you may want to look at mavericks, instead the hardware i chose AMD PHENOM II 965 a tried and tested processor for a hackintosh ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 this motherboard worked well ATI HD 6670 well written guide on which graphic cards work best essential software. download all first official 10.6.3 snow leopard disc the operating system official 10.6.6 update .pkg these three are security and functionality updates official 10.6.7 update .pkg official 10.6.8 update .pkg nawcom MODCD 0.3.2 alt allows the computer to read snow leopard disc nawcom 10.6.8 v2 kernel alt allows snow leopard to work with AMD processor you may also want to keep an offline copy of this guide, as i don't install the ethernet until the end 1. burn nawcom MODCD download and burn the nawcom MODCD 0.3.2 .iso to optical disc 2. adjust bios open BIOS. change hard drive mode from IDE or SATA to AHCI. change boot order to boot only the optical drive, for the nawcom MODCD 3. boot snow leopard disc exit BIOS. machine will boot nawcom MODCD. give it time to load. when the disc picture appears, eject the nawcom MODCD out. switch it with the official 10.6.3 snow leopard disc. press F5 - disc name will change. press enter. wait ten to fifteen minutes for installer to load. 4. format hard drive to macintosh the snow leopard installer will boot. choose language. click utilities at the top then disk utility. format the hard drive to journaled. exit disk utility and click next on installation box. 5. customise installation click the customise button on the left. a few boxes will be checked already, some you must not change and others you must change - depending on your hardware. don't change the SATA/IDE box or the audio box - the nawcom MODCD found these working ones. make sure only the following other boxes are ticked: X11, additional fonts, legacy kernel. begin snow leopard install - this will take approx 25 minutes. it will reboot when finished. change disc from snow leopard to nawcom MODCD. choose apple picture. 6. update snow leopard to 1.6.8 audio and optical disc drive are now working. if you have problems with audio crackling or fuzziness, play with the settings in the machintosh application audio midi setup found in your utilities folder, and turn the microphone input down. power up. install 10.6.6 do not open ##### yet & do not click restart. once it is finished installing, open #####. 10.6.6 installer will close. click ignore. reopen ##### tick the system & utilities box. then drivers & bootloaders ▶ tick chimera. then drivers & bootloaders ▶ kexts ▶ miscellaneous ▶ tick USB rollback. click continue and install. turn off computer - don't restart. power on power up. install 10.6.7 do not open ##### yet & do not click restart once it is finished installing, open ##### 10.6.7 installer will close. click ignore. reopen ##### tick system & utilities. tick chimera. tick USB rollback. click continue and install. turn off computer - don't restart. power up. install 10.6.8 do not open ##### yet & do not click restart once it is finished installing, open ##### 10.6.8 installer will close. click ignore. reopen ##### tick system & utilities. tick chimera. tick USB rollback. click continue and install. install the 10.6.8v2 nawcom kernel and tick force 64. click restart 7. ethernet graphics drivers are now installed. you can change the resolution. open ##### tick system & utilities box. then kexts ▶ miscellaneous ▶ fakesmc plugins ▶ tick motherboard. then kexts ▶ miscellaneous ▶ fakesmc plugins ▶ tick LNX2MAC and no others. install and restart. you now have wired ethernet 8. software updates run software updates and install all updates. click restart. no need to run ##### here. 9. backup to save having to do this all over again when a fresh new copy of snow leopard is wanted, create a backup image with disk utility, super duper, or carbon copy cloner. i recommend carbon copy cloner. this will allow a complete copy of this freshly installed state to be restored to the hard drive, or to a new hard drive entirely. if you use this image of the fresh install on a new hard drive, you will have to boot using the nawcom MODCD, then install chimera. DONE credits NAWCOM. chimera. LNX2MAC. this guide.
  10. hans fisch

    AMD guide for mac 10.6.8 final

    thank you this guide worked for me. i didn't even know 10.6.8v2 existed until i read this