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  1. I have modified a different DisplayProductID file, but not the 717. I also get the "SNBFrameBuffer did not arrive, unload", which is related to HD3000. I am going to try removing all the HD3000 kexts and see what happens. EDIT: I now have internal display functioning! Great joy. Resolution is off but I can probably fix this with GraphicsMode key or with EDID. Awesome.
  2. Do you have an HP Envy as well? Also, you mention that the original is DisplayProductID-717. Im my S/L/Displays/Overrides I've got a 717 but I never knew it was the "original". I just tried installing Clover and I get a boot1 error (before it even gets to the bootloader). Unlike the commonplace boot0 error, i can't seem to find much info about this clover boot1 error. I've reinstalled chameleon for now - but can you tell me a bit more about "simply using the original DisplayProductID-717 file"? Do you have to specify this file somewhere to use it or just keep it in S/L/D/O?
  3. HD4000 Samsung Serie 5 ultra no built-in display

    Hey guys. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I have the exact same issue. Except my graphics is Intel HD3000. I've opened up a thread myself. If you guys figured out any solutions please share! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288457-internal-display-not-functioning-on-hp-envy-3d-2100-ml-1083/ Thanks
  4. I have successfully installed MacOS 10.8.3 on an HP Envy 3D 2100 CTO laptop. I have an Intel i7 2860QM CPU (Sandy), and for graphics it is Intel HD3000 and ATI Radeon 6770m (Chipset is 6 series). Both GPUs are recognized by the mac (I can see them in System Information). However, the only graphics I see are on an external display connected via HDMI. During boot, I can see the verbose output of the bootloader on my internal display, but when Mac OS is fully booted the login screen only shows up on the external monitor. I've seen the EDID injection guide, but when I follow the steps the only EDID I get is that of my external monitor. When I boot windows and get EDID of internal display, then try to do the EDID injection again, it doesn't work (I don't have all the necessary numbers and ids to use for folder and file names). Has anybody seen this problem? More importantly, has anybody solved this problem? If you have any info or ideas, I would appreciate both. Also, I'm ready to give any detailed info or upload my dsdt/ioreg (or anything else). I'm pretty determined to fix this damn thing. Thanks in advance! EDIT: DSDT: http://www.mediafire.com/?ap7j2gykjlkdp7q IOReg: http://www.mediafire.com/?ko8ok7oteekeoal