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  1. Has anyone tried override the dsdt? wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DSDT#Using_modified_code
  2. I suggested the possibility, but I can't risk the card. I have to import it, it's too much costly for me (time to receive another and money). In other conditions, I would already have tried. Today I will search for some whitelisting in the bios file, but it will be difficult, since we have no visual notification of his presence.
  3. I was thinking... In OSX we need to mask the ID in Clover to get the WiFi to be recognized. (FakeID WIFI = 0x43a014E4). The board then becomes recognized as one BCM4360 802.11ac. We can perhaps try to modify the card ID in the EEPROM, following the method explained here: http://www.thinkwiki...CI_network_card What do you think?
  4. Pin tapping doesn't worked for me on Sony Vaio Pro 13 with a replaced BCM94352ZAE (the original one was a Intel 7260ng). I have the same exact problem that occurs with @jcsnider. The card work on OSX but not in Linux or Windows. In both, the card is recognised, but can't search for networks. I already tried almost all drivers found on internet. pin in M.2 or NGFF http://lybomudr.ru/en/blogen/132-zapuskaem-wi-fi-modul-pci-express-m-2-ngff-bcm94352z-bcm94352zae-dw1560-pod-windows-10-v-acer-v3-371-i-drugikh-2.html More on: https://applelife.ru/threads/wi-fi-moduli-v-formate-pci-express-m-2-ngff.41926/