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  1. Ok i still have problems getting the dsdt file to run. i downloaded dsdt editor, loaded the dsdt from the first post and when i hit compile i get 1 error and 2 warnings: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13771644/dsdterror.tiff can anybody help me here? when i use this dsdt the system hangs after PCI END
  2. Well... i can´t seem to get it to work I have no mac around me so i have to use the iatkos ML2. Every time i "install" the dsdt File by putting it in the extras folder the reboot hangs at PCI configuration End. Before that the Graphics card is displayed correctly in the boot... I always have to reinstall the whole thing, because i can´t seem to get it to boot up ... EDIT: Finally i got it to work. I changed the VT-d Bios setting to disabled and installed the whole thing again. I also unclicked the nvidia drivers in the iatkos install options! And whooza... that is a fast Thing! Adobe Lightroom runs like a dream!
  3. Thanks M4ng03z, the tip with the rear yellow usb really helped Im writing this from my new Macbook pro The only thing not working currently is the resolution and hardware acceleration of my graphics card... But i think i can solve that too
  4. Hey Guys, please be kind, i´m new to Hackintosh (but i learn fast and know what to do on Windows ) Is there somewhere a real Guide for installing osx on a W510 or is it only the kext files and modded bios? And after modding the bios, is it still able to be used with Windows 7?