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  1. Thanks for your reply. If it is declared in a certain state by the motherboard, would that mean a change in BIOS could change that declaration? (Or should we just forget about finding a solution?)
  2. Hi, thanks for you work and replies! I lack the technical knowledge to understand what you mean with pcie-hotplug and how it influences the use of the driver (google and wikipedia didn't point me in the right direction either..). If this card uses pcie-hotplug, what do other cards use? Thanks!
  3. Need help with vostro 200

    I'm thinking of turning one of these Vostro 200's (completely stock if possible) into a hackintosh for my friend on a tight budget. Has anyone been successful with this machine? The GMA 3100 shouldn't give any problems, right? What about the other parts?
  4. [Aspire One] 10.4 hangs on BSD Root

    [bump] Could it be because I'm using an USB drive? Problem is I have nothing else but one USB drive to test it.. [update] http://aspireonesoftware.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/tiger/
  5. Hello, I'm trying to install Tiger on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Tiger, because it has a smaller footprint and needs less resources than Leopard. Also I have Tiger officially (twice even) while I don't use it, which makes me feel like I'm OK on the copyright side. So far many have succeeded in installing Leopard on the Aspire One. The routine is to install on external USB drive from a PC with optical drive and then start the Aspire One from the drive after installation. I have tried to do the same with the JaS (10.4.8) and XxX (10.4.11) releases, the installation is no problem (I use VMware as a PC substitute). However booting always fails at the same error: BSD root :disk1s1 , Major 14, Minor 4 I have searched for this error and there are others with similar errors, however I couldn't find any solution.. The boot flags I've tried where -x -v -f -F -cpus=1 and combinations of these. Does anybody know what this error means? Has anybody successfully fixed this problem? Thanks in advance for help. PS I've added a screenshot
  6. Jas install and no Darwin boot options

    I have the same problem, it boots directly to the Apple logo and load indicator. I've used the same image. Anybody? Thanks! NM, just needed to press f8 a bit sooner..
  7. Install Kalyway from external usb hd

    Apparently OSx86 Tools should be able to create a bootable USB disk from a restored Kalyway disc. Click.
  8. Install Kalyway from external usb hd

    Make sure the volume is unmounted and use sudo. The dd works fine for me, however it seems the volume is not bootable. At least not for my Acer.. I've tried making the partition active with "parted", but so far no luck..
  9. Install Kalyway from external usb hd

    What about this: sudo dd if=kalyway.dmg of=/dev/disk# bs=1m I think this might work.. I'll try it when I'm home.
  10. Atheros 5006 Not Working!

    Did you try this?
  11. Install Kalyway from external usb hd

    I've been trying to do this as well, so far without success.. hdiutil gives me the following information on the Kalyway .iso Reading Apple (Apple_partition_map : 1)… Reading MACOSXBOOT (Apple_ISO : 2)… Reading Mac OS X Install (Apple_HFS : 3)… I think the main problem is the MACOSXBOOT partition. I can restore the Mac OS X Install partition to my USB HD, but it will not boot and I think because I'm missing the first one. My idea is the next; partition the HD myself to replicate the two partitions above and restore the two partitions on the .iso to the HD. The problem is I can't seem to extract the MACOSXBOOT partition. I have looked at the MAN pages of hdiutil but can't seem to attach or mount the first partition.. Is there somebody with more experience on image partitions? How do I restore or extract that Apple_ISO partition? Thanks!