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  1. Wacom Cintiq companion.

    @mactabletman Awesome work man. That's crazy that the touch screen works right out of the box, makes me wonder if Apple is planning a hybrid device (laptop with touch screen or OSX based tablet) sometime in the near future because I have always had the same experience with touch screens. It seemed the OS knew it was there (you can see the mouse jump around a little) but it did not ever work. I actually sold my Cintiq but if we can get OSX working on it I would consider buying it again. I just wish the CC would have had BIOS legacy support because I have had much better experience with Chameleon than Clover. Anyways, keep us up to date on your progress.
  2. installing mac on a touchscreen laptop

    Depending on your the digitizer maker, Touch Base might have a driver for you (they have one that works pretty well for the Samsung Ativ 700t) but they also want $100-$200 for every driver. It works well but I would never pay that much: http://www.touch-base.com/
  3. Wacom Cintiq companion.

    Krooklyn - So we had a similar problem with the Samsung Ativ 700t. The digitizer would be detected but was not calibrated and after installing the Bamboo drivers it would work correctly until you rebooted. Then it would lose all calibration and when you would check the tablet settings, it would say 'no supported tablet found'. We figured out that it was a USB power issue (there must be something in the boot logic in windows to power on this internal USB port that doesn't exist in Linux or Mac OSX) and a user named sfinktah (from Tonymacx86) created a script to install some custom kext and keep power to the digitzer. I'm attaching that script here. I suggest you back up your system with something like CCC if you try this because it may not work correctly. After installing this tweak on the Ativ, Mac OSX works almost flawlessly, stylus and all. In order for this to work on the Ativ, you had to put the system to sleep and wake it up again, then the stylus would function properly. Again this is due to power management of Mac OSX versus Windows. I'm still trying to get it to boot without safe mode so I'll try this script when I get the chance and let everyone know it works. I think if I can't get it to work correctly I will send mine back. It's just too expensive to keep without being able to dual boot. SamsungAtivKit-lite.zip
  4. Wacom Cintiq companion.

    I got mine the other day. Just like the Surface Pro, it is going to be tough to get anything to work (I don't like working with UEFI only mobo). Chimera won't be able to boot this type of motherboard, Clover bootloader is the only one that will be seen as bootable. I was able to install it using the same method as you would the Surface Pro but I could not get it to boot without safe mode. The battery was not recognized, GPU wasn't working and the pen was recognized but wasn't calibrated. Bluetooth seemed to be working, but wifi would not work (probably never will, it's a Intel chip). I installed the Cintiq Companion software from Wacom but it stated in the settings 'no tablet found' so the system is not seeing it as a wacom tablet, but some kind of generic mouse. I ran a live Ubuntu installation to run a system profiler and I'm attaching the result. Here's a few highlights: Series 7/C210 motherboard, HDA-Intel (sound), Toshiba SSD, Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (rev c4) Assuming we can open up the tablet, we could replace the wireless chip with a Hackintosh compatable one. I think if we can identify what battery it is and get started on finding the right kext we can get this rolling. This would make an awesome Modbook Pro like device. hardinfo_report.html