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  1. I am running Boot Camp 3.1 with Windows 7 64bit on my iMac 27" (2.8 GHz Quad-Core). Everything runs fine so far, except Wake On LAN. When Win7 goes to sleep I can wake it up once, but after the next sleep it cannot be turned on again with a magic packet. I've tried that under OS X and this works without any problems. I found out that if I change any parameter in the advanced tab of the "Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet" device properties the driver will be reloades with the result that I can wake it up once again. I assume that this is a problem with the network card driver, but installing the latest from the Broadcom website did not work. Is there anybody who can confirm that waking up her/his iMac can be revived via WOL. I use this feature with my Mac minis for a long time, therefore I have to assume this is a bug in Boot Camp. Either the drivers of the network card or something else has to be fixed by Apple. I'd really like that to work, because I'd like to have the iMac sleep while I don't use it. So any help is very appreciated!
  2. No Boot after installation

    Did you find the button finally? Due to the fact that I don't have VMWare running anymore I cannot send you a screenshot :-( Here are the steps that should lead you to that screen: Mount ISO / Start VMWare Client / Chose to start from DVD / Chose language / Follow installation steps / Due to the fact you have no HD yet to chose go into "Disk utility" (enter via some top menu entry) / Mark the virtual disk and press "partition" / There you should find an "option" button. Please tell me whether you were able to follow the steps... have a nice day.
  3. No Boot after installation

    You can choose this type of disk in the "disk utility" by the time you install the OS. When you chose the disk to be partitioned just click on the options button and tick the "master boot" option. Hope this helps...
  4. No Boot after installation

    O.K., I found out myself how to fix that. In case anyone has the same problems: at the time you are preparing your disk with the disk utility you have to go into options (under partition) and change the setting to "Boot Master". That worked for me :-) Now I'm stuck with finding the appropriate kernel... but that is another one.
  5. Hi there I seem to have a pretty common problem without any solution... maybe one of you can help me on this. What I am trying to do is installing OSX 10.4.9 (uphuck_10.4.9_universal_dvd_v1.3) in VMWare 6 on my Dell Dimension 9100. I've tried either "Windows NT" and "Free BSD" as guest OS, set the necessary parameters in the .vmx-file. I was able to boot the box and use the disk utility to format and partition the virtual disk. The installation went through pretty fast without any problem at all. After installation the guest os is rebooting and hangs at a black screen with a white cursor in the upper left. I have the feeling that I am close to a solution... but there is still something missing here. Does anybody have a hint for me so I can boot the baby? Thanks for any answers! Have a nice day