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  1. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    Unfortunatly i have no progress yet Maybe someone can help me?
  2. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    Yes, i deleted that kext I'll try to perform clean install and than put dsdt. ADDED I've rebooted once more time and now system shows me "HD Graphics 3000 Mobile", but now i can not change resolution (it's 1024x768) and it's shows me that it has 64 Mb of memory in common use with system. Can you help me once more? And thank you for previous advice. P.S. External display (over HDMI) doesn't works too ADDED When i'm starting without Dr.Hurt's DSDT it shows me device id 0x0116, but with DSDT it shows id 0x0126, is it normal?
  3. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    I'va placed file dsdt.aml if root/Extra and rebooted, but nothing happened. Still written: "No kext loaded". Maybe i deleted some needed kexts? Could you tell me what kext should be loaded?
  4. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    Thank you very much! Sorry for stupid question, explain me please, what should i do further? Patch my dsdt with dsdt patcher and then install AppleIntelSNBGraphics?
  5. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    I hope that i made it right. Here it is. Thank you, for your attention to my problem! DSDT.zip
  6. Samsung np530-u3c a08ru

    Thanks, but it doesn't help. My video card starts only without kext AppleIntelSNBGraphics. In hardware info about graphics i see "No kext loaded" (or something like that, i have russian localization) Even after patching dsdt. ADDED My device id is 0x0116. SMBios - MacBookPro 8,1
  7. Hi! I have the problem installing OSX on my laptop. Installation was successful, but when my video card starts it turns off backlight of the display and nothing happened further. I can start it only in vesa mode (64mb), but it's not usable in that mode, also i can not use external display over hdmi. I think that problem is in my CPU i3-2377M, video is HD3000. I'll be happy if someone can help me to fix it.