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  1. Well, how about this... I made a new USB installer and tried right away with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1" (I'm sure I tried this yesterday) and the friggin' thing works! Weird thing was that it assumed the HDMI output was the main display, instead of the DVI port closest to the motherboard (which has always been the case before). Mavericks feels pretty snappy even though I'm running it off an external USB 2.0 drive. Can't wait to make a proper install on my SSD drive!
  2. Doesn't seem to work... I wonder what changed between Lion and ML? Never even heard of PCIRootUID before.
  3. Hello, Been running both Snow Leopard and Lion on my Gigabyte DS3L based machine for a long time, and now I want to install Mavericks on a second drive. However, I've run into a problem – the screen first went black when I tried to run the installer. After som searching I learned that I should try changing PCIRootUID to 1 or 0 and that actually let me boot and install the system. My Asus 210 1GB isn't recognized though. Or rather it's recognized as a "Geforce 210", but the resolution is stuck at 1024x768 and obv. no QE/CI. This works OOTB with Lion and GraphicsEnabler=Yes. How come Mavericks (and also ML) is different?
  4. Hey everyone, I tried updating FakeSMC.kext (running ######) and just replaced 3.1 with 4.2. First time it booted fine, but on the next boot it just froze at the loading screen. Turns out Lion will only boot if FakeSMC.kext is in a new location, i.e. Extra/Extensions or S/L/E. If I boot my SL drive and just move the file to the other folder Lion will boot, but not if I move the file from within Lion. What should I do? Reinstall ######?
  5. Threepwood

    [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    Thanks a lot! Just installed Lion on my GA-P35-DS3L system and everything seems to be working except sound (but I don't care since I only use an external audio interface). I just edited the path to the installation app in the mkboot script. For the first time the Chameleon graphics enabler is working for me...
  6. Threepwood

    Can't boot Lion with Chameleon RC5

    Ok, I got it working by following this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=259068 It's a different build of Chameleon, but I don't think that was the problem. Must have done something wrong when preparing the install dmg...
  7. Hi folks, I'm trying to get Lion running on my usually OS X friendly machine. GA-P35-DS3L w/ Core 2 Quad. Snow Leopard has been running rock stable for a long time, but I've had no luck with Lion so far. If I try to boot from Chameleon RC3 (my main SL drive) the machine just reboots after a one line error message. I installed RC5 to a USB drive (where I have the Lion installation files), and while I can boot SL using that it won't work with Lion. I get a kernel panic and something about ACPI (see the attached file). This happens with and without DSDT.aml. Any ideas? Do I need to make a new dsdt.aml for Lion? The one I use with SL I got from somebody here on InsanelyMac...
  8. I bought a PCI FireWire card that even has a Mac logo on the box, so I felt pretty certain it would work. I popped it in and in System Profiler I can see the card. However, when I connect my FireWire harddrive I either get an error message saying the drive can't be read or the drive shows up on the desktop but I can't access it. Works perfectly with my MacBook Pro. Should I try another card? PCIe?
  9. Threepwood

    Gigabyte GN-WP01GS Wireless Card drivers?

    Well, did it work? I just bought a WP01GS-RH which seems to be based on the RT2501 chipset.