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  1. nVidia or ATI

    Thanks! Price wasn't really what I was all that concerned about. I kinda was leaning towards the ATI because I really want to support AMD and I have been fuming at the walls with these infernal (LITERALLY!) nVidia chips in my MacBook Pro and don't much want to 'reward' them with continued business. But really, it comes down to which one works better...
  2. I have been rummaging through here a bunch, choosing parts for a new build... I plan to do a decent bit of gaming, so I'm looking at a pretty good graphics card. I am between an ATI 4890 1GB and a nVidia GTX 275 I know there is a price deference between the two, other than that, is one company's cards 'better' supported than the others? From what I read, all seems pretty even.
  3. I imagine that an answer is a little ways out, as the Core i7 CPUs were just made available today... I too though am interested if the new hardware is supported, considering an i7 build this winter
  4. Does the ATI 4850/4870 not work with OSX? They are much better video cards.
  5. Fear me.

    Looks like a camera phone shot, Nokia (from what I have heard) makes exceptional camera phones.
  6. As I try in photography

    Looks good to me! Though, without the text I think it becomes a reasonably unexciting photo... But the text really makes it a whole lot better Like the cover for a series around NYC
  7. From Atom to Apple

    Well, ARM is really an archteture, not a company. And IIRC, many ARM processors are made by Intel (XScale) not sure is Apple is using Intel's chips or not. In other words, there is not likely to be a price war of sorts. But I could be wrong
  8. EDGE is Down for the Count

    Funny thing is, my coworker has a Blackberry 8830 on Verizon's EV-DO network and the internet doesn't feel any faster at all. I am very content with T-Mobile's EDGE service. Just wish it had as capable a web browser as the iPhone's.
  9. EDGE is Down for the Count

    Glad I stay far far away from AT&T.
  10. Deleting entire Time Machine Backup

    Hmm. Well, I am not really able to pull the files I need off the external drive. I don't have access to a hard drive of sufficient size...
  11. Hey all. A long ways back when I first got Leopard, I activated Time Machine. Perhaps a neat backup solution, it sucks (IMO) for laptops. So I deactivated Time Machine and removed my External drive from the Time Machine setup. Thing is, there is 230GB of used space on my external drive that I need freed up (never though I would run out of space on a 500GB drive, its a brave new world!). I have tried simply using the Finder, it goes through the process of deleting everything, but nothing actually gets deleted. Fun. Then I got knowledgeable and used the Terminal, doing a little cd /Volumes/External action with a little sudo rm -rf Backup.backupdb (of course then entering my little admin password) Immediately every file returns with a File location string and a fun little : Operation not permitted. message. Any suggestions? I don't have the ability to copy the files I want to keep and reformat the drive, I don't have any hard drives big enough to back up too. Thanks all... KS
  12. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    Anyone tried Puzzle Quest? I tried running it in Parallels, and no dice. I wanted to see what all the hubub is around this game.
  13. Leopard won't let me resize partitions

    Okay, defraged and beginning the XP install process! Thanks a bundle for the help congomaster! Took some fenangling to get a partition for Windows though, lame. I though Macs were just supposed to work! I think the motto should be Macs: They Just Work.. Except When They Don't. Anyway, now to gaming!
  14. Deleting ENTIRE Time Machine Backup?

    Well, the plot thickens... When trying to delete from Terminal, I got messages for every files that I don't have permission to delete the files. Any reason why that is? Before I deleted, it asked me for my password, and I entered it (I am the owner of the computer, so I have an admin password). Any thoughts? This is really frustrating...
  15. Leopard won't let me resize partitions

    Thanks for the tip! Question: for iDefrag, do I need to boot from a CD, or can I do it from within OS X? I don't really have access to another Mac until I go back to school.