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  1. Hello guys, i'm wiriting these notes to better understand why my 4870 freeze with dual monitor. Installed elcapitan, latest clover, audio by voodoohda, i5 750, 4870 (dvi vga hdmi dp) If i boot osx with one monitor plugged in, i can reach the desktop and all is fine If i boot with two monitors connected, i can reach the desktop randomly. Sometimes it reboot before reach the desktop and sometimes it reaches the desktop without problems. When i'm on desktop with 2 monitor, i can see in display properties that both are correctly identified (models, resolution and frequency). When i'm on desktop with 2 monitors randomly the system freezes and reboot, sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours. To sum up: Single monitor connected: every boot is fine, i can alway reach the desktop and system doesn't freeze during utilization Dual monitos connected: boot is fine randomly, for exemple after 3-4 creashes it can reach the desktop. Freeze and autoreboot during utilization I can't find a solution. I've been trying to solve this problem since 1 week. Do you have any idea? Thank you
  2. hi friend. THIS IS MY QUESTION. i'VE INSTALLED ideneb 10.5.5 in past and now ipc 10.5.6 on formatted partition. When i've installed i've only selected 1 driver for my ethernet, 1 for audio, 1 for chipset and 1 for jmicron controller my configuration is q6600g0 4 gb ram ddr2 rampage formula hard disk raptor 1000rpm + barracuda kext that i installed were: 1 for ..acl1988b 1 for marvell lan driver 1 for chipset ichx 1 for jmicron controller other was deselected, i isntalled with defoult kernel THE PROBLEM IS.. all works fine..all driver works and after installed video also video card works on 2 monitor..the problem is that sometimes the mac stops and freeze...the monitor sleep and led on muse and keyboard go away... if i reboot all re-worker and after sometimes..( not the same period )freeze-- often when passing between windows of expose..sometimes when i play games or update an application... tthe question is..cauld be the problem the missing of kext component...for example during the setup i can select smbios.kext and other fix ..patch and kernell...if you say..and have you ever had this problem can you explain me if is a problem of kext?? PS. I've setted bios to ahci for sata and acpi2.0 active.. PLease answer me friends!! THANKS
  3. hi, i've installed the 1950pro by sapphire, i0ve installe 9f33 drivers and all work perfectly.But i use an adapter from dvi to vga to connect to my monitor. All programs works( poser, maya,zbrush,finalcutstudio 2 and all so effects) but my problem is that sometimes the os freeze and i've to reset the system. I've seen this often when i pass from a space to other.a freeze, the system stop, mouse keyboard, screen.all I want to say,have you got similar problems?' or the vga adapter is the problem?? THANKS FOR ANSWER FRIENDS!
  4. 9800GX2 AND ATI X1900XT

    hey friends, please i'm tryed all driver and kext included efi string boot plist, opengl update..all so i want to insert the 1950pro Can you please tell me if the card work in the second pcie slot.Thanks only a phrase can enjoy me. Thanks in advance
  5. 9800GX2 AND ATI X1900XT

    Hi guys, please help me i've a x48 rampage formula with 9800gx2..this card don't work with macosx yet so i want to buy a x1900xt from a friend the question is this: I've 9800gx2 in first pciexpress and i want to put the ati card in the second slot in windows i can disable the ati but when i boot in mac how work this graphic card? mac boot the nvida or the ati card? please friend explain me i want to know: 1)in my rampage i can't schoose peg port so i think that it boot the 1rst slot? 2) if yes when i load in windows it's all ok and i disable one time the ati but when i boot in the mac before install driver i see between card on the screen or only one..and what? 3) after installer kext and all supported by ati, when i try to connect to dispaly the 9800gx2 what i see?? THANKS FRIENDS.PLEASE HELP ME I'VE TO DO A JOB WITH FINAL CUT STUDIO!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
  6. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    please auqamac try in slot 1. i'm x48 rampage formula, i've tried nvacp custom, nvcap fro efitudio..your driver in the first post..a lotof things but or blue screen or qurz disable and freeze after a bit..please try 1 the first slot ..you're my hope!.thanks