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    The only way i have ever been able to boot into any relase out there is: f8 apm=off noacpi then my machine makes it to the install screen. on this v3 i get into and endless reboot after install. getting new parts wednesday so ill give it a try then with my new beast.
  2. jschwall


    I just installed the kernel from 10.4.9 and everything was back up and running. Thanks for the suggestions
  3. jschwall


    this is sounding good. when i get home from work ill give each a try. I was hoping this would turn out to be easy. it took me forever to get my os x they way I wanted it
  4. jschwall


    Last night I accidentily deleted my mach_kernel. It should still be in my trashcan but I cant log back on to osx. The kernel i deleted was a backup i believe it was in my osx drive folder. Isnt the main mach_kernel systems folder? Anyway has anyone else had a problem with being an idiot and deleting it. Much appreciated John