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  1. the_night_elf

    Windows DreamScene out for beta!

    Still looking for an updated link or simply a link that works for backlight2. Can't someone pls upload it somewhere and provide the dowlnoad link for all of us who have yet to get it? thx
  2. the_night_elf

    Siemens ID Mouse

    Hi there everybody! I have a Siemens ID mouse and i am very interested in getting it to work in mac as it does in windows. Need drivers and software for the biometric sensor. I m not interested in the mouse part of the device i just need to have the biometric sensor work. If annyone can help pls do so, awaiting eagerly some answers.( I m not shure if this is the right place for asking this but since it is both software and hardware driven i thaught this would be ok). Here are some rather relevant links to get an ideea as to what i am talking about : http://www.bromba.com/tdidmd.htm (the device listed there is the pro version of the mouse, i have the lower grade one). And the official producers page : http://www.siemensidmouse.com/ ,hope it helps in grasping the concept. Have a funn day!
  3. the_night_elf

    My solution for Broadcom 440X problems on 10.4.8

    Zlazh your advice works perfectly at least for me thx dude and keep up the good work. I m a hackintosh noob.
  4. the_night_elf

    Windows DreamScene out for beta!

    could someone pls post a new link or an uploaded backlight2.dmg? The original site seems to be down. I d also like those nice movies with the water and stuff used for backgrounds, pls upload them too and provide a download link. Thx