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  1. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    I have a Palit 9500GT 1GB with HDMI/DVI/VGA running on OSX 10.6 I installed the card, deleted previous EFI hex strings from com.apple.Boot.plist and it worked first time, without any problems. No QE/CI though. So used OSX86 tools to add the EFI string with my card's NVCAP string of 0400000000000300040000000000000700000000. No problems at all and no kernel panics so far. I noticed that NVDANV50xx and the NVDAResman kexts already have the correct PCI ID entry for this card
  2. Can you try booting your MacBook with the SL installer USB ? and seeing if it works ? Or trying with a different USB stick ... Also, get your DSDTxxx.AML generated under windows using the method I described and post it here
  3. The SerialATAPI stuff indicates that your HDD is not accessible by OSX. Try Having only ONE hdd in the machine connected and nothing else Generating and patching your DSDT from Windows or Linux for the IRQs Making sure SATA is set to AHCI in BIOS Making sure HDD is connected to SATA1 Also try experimenting with different IOAHCI injector kexts
  4. To boot 32 bit kernel it should be " arch=i386 " ... without the quotes obviously :censored2: If you want to have fun with a hackint0sh, be prepared to sweat it out - but that's where the fun part is ) Just because you have the same Asus P6T SE board, doesn't mean anything. It could be a different revision, with different PCI / IRQ routings, it could be a different SL installer version - in fact it could be anything. You just have to keep trying. More pics, clearer ones, taken a bit closer to screen, would be very helpful ...
  5. Well once KFP turns it off and restarts the install we'll know for sure. Otherwise where would the installer get that boot UUID from ?
  6. Yup - it works only with Nehalem
  7. Hi KFP It looks like your SL installer USB can't load the boot files from the USB itself. This can be due to a variety of reasons - I once had that problem ages ago on the P5W-DH, solved it by changing my video card (perhaps you have an old Nvidia card lying around somewhere ?). Sometimes it helps to turn USB legacy mode OFF in the BIOS. And to have NOTHING plugged into USB except for keyboard and mouse. Have you turned off Magic Gate in the bios ? I had problems with this enabled ( it is enabled by default ) If nothing works then you could take the USB out of the picture ... do you have an external USB enclosure or USB SATA dock ? If so, put the HDD ( not the USB ) into the dock, attach to MacBook format as GUID, create two partitions - one main big HFS+ journalled partition and one small (20GB) HFS+ journalled partition Into the HFS+ journalled partition, restore the Snow Leopard Install DVD, install chameleon pkg and copy the /Extra etc Attach HDD back to SATA1 and try
  8. So what values did you use for the DSDT patch ?
  9. I have an i7 oc'ed to 3.5 GHz. Model identifier is set to MacPro 4,1. I get this in the ACPI_SMC_Plugin And of course my board being ASUS, I have the usual section for CPU MSR tools running under 32bit 10.6 tells me the CPU runs at 3.5GHz. What is surprising is that idle temps are 44c ~ 45c. Granted I have a TRUE-120, but shouldn't they be higher ? I get temps of 43c ~ 44c under Windows, so not much of a difference. And my Windows idle is at 2000 MHz ( 12x mult ) So what's going on ? Does OSX idle at 3.5 GHz so efficiently that the temps are comparable to 2.0 GHz ? And do I have to replace the P-State array and create new C-states for the 3.5 GHz overclock ?
  10. Check out this post in the other thread (post #35 ). I'm trying to get P & C states enabled in OSX. Once that is done, the system will drop the mult and idle at 2000 Mhz when not doing anything. Right now it idles at 3 GHz, thanks to the TRUE120 it stays at 45c, as opposed to 40c that it could be
  11. So you have audio working in 64 bit mode ? Also, mind posting your ACPI_SMC entry in IORegistryExplorer ? Especially the PerformanceStateArray ? Don't use Extensions.mkext. For 3 ~ 7 kexts, the speed increase obtained is minimal at best. Better to just drop the mkext altogether. Also use PC EFI 10v3 because this one has 64bit EFI.
  12. You mean like this ? But this comes even with the Pxx CPU identifier ... or should there be more values than 10 ?
  13. Go to your MacBook, plugin the Snow Insaller USB, remove PlatformUUID.kext from /Extra/Extensions, put it somewhere else. BTW: If you can boot Windows, you can grab the DSDT by downloading this http://acpica.org/downloads/binary_tools.php. Extract to a directory. Then on Windows, open a command prompt with elevated priviliges i.e. run CMD.EXE as Administrator and run iasl -g this will give you the following output Look at the end for the Disassembly complete, written to <xxx>.dsl That is your DSDT in DSL format ...
  14. Thanks. I'm on SL 10.6 Do you have a real MacPro 4,1 ? Mind posting the Hardware Overview screen from System Profiler ? Actually does anyone here have a Nehalem MacPro ? Would they mind posting the Hardware Overview screen ? Interesting On my ASUS P6T SE I get Notice the 'alias' to 'CPU'
  15. Doesn't work in /Extra/Extensions, works only in /System/Library/Extensions. Here you go ...