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    Erhm, but how? LOL
  2. Hello InsanelyMac!

    Hello InsanelyMac Community! I'm really glad to being here too (yes, i've register in osx86.net yesturday). So, i'm also happy to pass in the first quiz, but at the second i failed twice (both 15/20). Well, nevermind... i can do it again in a no time (but i wont wonder when). So what i can tell about my self? If you really need to know, you can open the spoiler below: I think most new users always come with problems. Unfortunately i'm in the same situation. I get bad for asking things in my first post, but i really need some help . I'll try to describe my problem in the best way possible for better understanding. Well, i'm running iAtkos ML2 without sound and graphics acceleration because some kexts aren't loading as it should. I can boot only on safe mode. My pc specs are: Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M LE (LAN: RTL 8111E and Audio: ALC 887) Processor: Intel core i5 2500 Memory: 8 GB Video Card: nVidia Geforce GTS 450 I wonder how to move all third party kexts to a temporary folder in oder to later add one by one to see with is causing the problem. Its this possible? Or is better to try to install Vanilla OSX Mountain Lion? Thanks in advance!