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  1. Thanks for the headsip .everquest mac. there is no pc legitimate client for the game. this is my dilemma have a modern mac or be able to play some game that i am slightly obsessed with that was realsed in 2002.
  2. Thanks so much. I will def got with 10.5 or 10.6 then. I'll let you guys know how i am progressing
  3. I play an old game that will only work on 10.4-10.6. So I would like to run 10.8(which i will upgrade to 10.9 in the fall), 10.4-10.6 and windows. I am planning on going for maximum compatibility. I'm going to be doing a vanilla install. I've read the guides for both Chameleon seems to be slightly more user friendly where as Clover seems to have more boot options. Am I off base with this? Should I go with Chameleon because i found the guide easier to understand? GIGABYTE GA-Z77MX Intel Core i5-3570K GeForce GTX 660 I am hoping to get everything working including multi monitor, sound, usb, wifi, shut down and sleep. Am I in over my head for hackontosh noob. Any advise would be awesome.
  4. How legally binding is it when you hit i agree when a software licence agreement appears during installation? Have there been cases where people were sued explicitly for violating it. In most cases it doesn't even ask you to type your name or date which is quite different from standard contracts. On the osx software it explicitly states that you agree to only install this software on an apple certified computer. What qualifies a computer as being apple certified computer? If you have a sticker is it enough? what about a case? They clearly aren't talking about things like ram and graphics cards and mother boards. are they? apple buys most of there hardware from other manufactures so most it has other manufacturers serail numbers on it. where is the line drawn?
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    heya, I've been a long-time lurker. Now that I am ready to start planning my 1st ground up hackontosh (I had an old dell I dual booted 10.4 on) I figured it was time to registrar and say hello.