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    Simeon Zhekov reacted to Hervé in 10.9.5 Pentium / Celeron / ATOM Kernel   
    These are replacement kernels that add support for those CPUs listed above! You therefore replace the vanilla kernel (file "mach_kernel" at HDD's root for Mavericks, "kernel" in /S/L/Kernels for Yosemite) by the version(s) posted above. Failing that, you'll never even boot your OS X USB installer.
    Granted that, given the thread title, Spakk would have been better inspired posting his Yosemite kernel in its own separate thread.
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    Simeon Zhekov reacted to Philip Petev in Yosemite: Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA   
    toleda, there is something you should mention in your first post. Repairing the kext permissions before rebuilding the kext cache becomes a must in Yosemite. If there is even one file with wrong permissions inside the kext (the zml.zlib files in the current case), the whole kext won't be included in the cache, no matter if the kext-dev-mode flag has been specified or not.