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    it is an iso file. or a dmg file it is a. follow the iso file download MagicISO and search there for a serial. then you need to open the file. then you have to put the kernel. burn the iso to the disk. then you do and ready . dmg file, USB Well I found it easiest to download a vmware vmware image with mac os x. already installed. So you have to start all. all on him you through the steps. you open Finder. you go to your usb far. then you copy mac os x installer (hazard) and the kernel to a usb stick. you open the dmg. and let him go? verifty?. you copy everything to your desktop then open diskutilty and you go to your partition of your USB. then press the Restore tab. bottom of the list of slices is slightly below the hazard dmg installer that copy to source and the partition of your USB to destination. uncheck the destination must erase from. you install the bootloader InsanelyMac http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/59-chameleon-22-svn/ on your USB. then boot from your USB DVD you need the same as with USB vmware with working hackintosh. from? verifty? otherwise it is going to stand the hazard icon on your desktop. Right. burn hazard installer to disk. is finished copy the kernel to the disk. I would do a DVD RW. you can write more over. and boat only. then hope it works.
  2. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    I have a laptop? but can still get support for the 7520G? I hope very much I use Google translate I'm dutch
  3. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    it works how i get qe/ci for ati 7520G or can not do that as i click launchpad than must i waiting very long...
  4. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    Thanx i try it
  5. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    I has download the amd kernel by insanelymac http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/103-amd-kernel-by-bronzovka-for-108x/ and i has replace the amd kernel an i get this panic Its THE sleepenabler kext i has look in extra/extensions no kext ???
  6. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    het werkt niet met arch=i386 in een ander forum heb ik de panic ook geplaatst en ze zeiden dat het lag aan de sleepenabler. en er staat in hoe ik het kon oplossen. alleen ik begrijp er niks van want als je 12 bent is dat niet het simpelste. en zijn hint was pmversion. ???

    I have the same and I have tried more I finally iatkos s3 v2 amd made ​​for tried and that worked well for me.
  8. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    Kan het wel met iatkos ml2? Ik heb het wel geprobeerd via de osinstall.mpkg geprobeerd en een bootable USB gemaakt lukte ook niet om te laden. Ik andy's kernel geprobeerd en bonzy's ofso iets kernel. Ik ga straks proberen met arch=i386 ik mag nu nog niet op de laptop. Mijn moeder vind dat ik er te lang op heb gezeten Mijn specs zijn Moederbord A60M/A55M CPU AMD A6-4400M GPU AMD Radeon 7520G Ik heb een werkende hackintosh gemaakt met iatkos S3 V2
  9. Iatkos ml3u amd panic

    Help i have a kernel panic. I has install iatkos ml3u with THE amd kernel amd i boot with amd_kernel -v and i get this. Als i use another bootflags i get this too. sorry for my bad english i'm dutch
  10. work the A6 4400M? and what should I use to install mac os x
  11. Ati compatible?

    Hello i has an ati 7520G i dont like it on a virtual box or vmware dear it works.
  12. I would like to run a hackintosh but I do not know how to replace a kernel
  13. hello, sorry for my english. does anyone have a guide for my laptop. 'm already ml would like some time doing and I'm 12 years old prefer but as long as it works it's good. my specs. hp pavilion g 7-2201SD AMD A6-4400m ati / amd radeon 7520 A60M motherboard I do not know what else is CPU-Z says. I do not know how to replace a kernel iatkos ml2 in window (I have no mac to my beschiking) should I use d Lapić kernel or kernel amd
  14. and also for amd a6-4400M i has a motherboard AMD A60M works that should I use the kernel Lapić or legacy kernel on a hp amd computer