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  1. Image taken with a Nikon D700 and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. Click image to download at Deviantart.
  2. Image taken with 40D and processed in Photoshop Click image to download at Deviantart
  3. [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    The nearest city to me is Swindon. I live in a small village called Ashton keynes. If you have paypal I could pay the cash that way as well. Cheers
  4. [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    Yeah mines been babied as well. No scratches, nicks or cracks, not even any shine on the touchpad would that price include the shipping as well?
  5. [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    $1350/1400..... due to upgrades and applcare. But would prefer a trade for a MBP
  6. Looking to trade my Black Macbook for a Macbook Pro. I know I'm new but You can check out my ebay feedback Here I'm also over at joejoe.org as a Global moderator (ironicall). Anyway Specs are as follows: 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB of Crucial RAM 320GB WD 7200rpm Scorpio (black Edition) HD +Apple Care (expires November 2010) I'll also include the original 160GB HD that it came with. Was bought last November in London Apple store, It has no marks or scratches and will come with original box, restore dvd's as well as Apple remote, magsafe and power brick and a Incase neoprene sleeve that was bought in the apple store, I can provide pics if needed. It's been an awesome machine and is my first mac. It's just that recently I have been involved in allot more work using CS3 (Illustrator & Photoshop) and am just looking for something with a larger screen as well as a dedicated graphics card. I am located in the UK (the Cotswolds) and would like to try and keep the trading to the UK but would consider all offers. Cheers
  7. Starbucks Icon & Wallpaper

    Glad you guys like them And thanks for all your comments.
  8. Starbucks Icon & Wallpaper

    Yeah, give me minute mate EDIT - I removed the drips and filled in one of the side boxes with black. Hope it works for ya?
  9. Starbucks Icon & Wallpaper

    Thanks mate! Glad you like it Awesome name! How are you going to use my icon?
  10. Starbucks Icon & Wallpaper

    ^^ Thanks buddy! First post updated with Wall
  11. Just had a look at these in your gallery. Really nice work mate +fav's
  12. Starbucks Icon & Wallpaper

    Hahahaha Any eta on a release date?