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  1. Alright well thank you so much guys.
  2. Sorry guys. I didn't think of doing that. I just want to build a cheap hackintosh for fun since its my first time. I have the money, its just that I want a summer project and I don't want to spend too much on it. Sorry for not linking the parts. So do you guys think these parts will work?
  3. OK so I found these cheap parts. Do you think they will work. Since this is my first hackintosh I do not want to go overboard. I just want a machine that I can use mail, calendar, chrome, and maybe a few other programs. I posted a picture of the parts list below: P.S: I am fine with the integrated graphics
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong place on this forum but here is my post: Hi everyone. I want to build a hackintosh and I have searched and searched for completed stable builds but I cannot find one. Please someone help me. I want to build a hackintosh that is $400 or less. I want to have parts that work completely with OSX and have a haswell processer. IDC which one it is. I also want a motherboard with a DSDT available so it will be stable. I don't really want to install any kexts that I do not have too because I have had a bad experience with kexts when trying to hackintosh my laptop. but please help me find a part list that I can buy and build, and install OSX on without any problems like freezing or whatever. P.S: The monitor is not included with the $400 price tag. I am fine with 4GB of RAM. If I can fit more in my budget, than that is great. I also am fine with the integrated graphics on the processor.
  5. Summer Break-I wanna build a hackintosh!

    I would like it to be as stable as possible on Mavericks, not Mountain Lion. Also I want atleast a Haswell processor.
  6. Ok so I have summer break coming up and I want to build a hackintosh for under $400. I would like to have parts that all work and a motherboard with an already available DSDT. I know I am being sort of selfish here and I am not trying to sound that way but please help me. Can you guys please provide me with the best parts under $400 needed to build a hackintosh. I do not want to install any kexts if i dont have too. Thank you so much.
  7. How to get ethernet working?

    Hahahahaha sorry about that picture of me holding the ethernet cable. I just wanted to prove that it was connected . I was thinking about doing the "I have [make and model] ethernet. What's the correct driver for it?" but I think I installed a kext that was for ethernet to work but I dont remember which one. That is why I posted pictures of all of my kexts. So you guys might know which one I don't need. I will post the make and model of my network card tomorrow. Thank you.
  8. Hi everyone. I got help from another person on this forum for help on installing OSX. I am successfully installed and everything works, except one major thing. The internet. The other person informed me that Intel Wifi is not supported and that is what my laptop has. I am completely fine with that. I will just use Ethernet. The only thing is that I don't know if I have installed the correct kext or not and what kexts I should delete or whatever. I have attached pictures of all of my kexts. Can someone please tell me what kexts I need or what kexts I should delete so I can have internet access with my ehternet cable. I am directly connected with an ethernet cable to my router but nothing is happening. I have also attached a picture showing the network card I have(that works perfectly on Windows). I could not attach all my pictures in a single post so I created another post down below which has the rest of the pictures. the rest of the pictures
  9. stretched screen on hackintosh.

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I will first erase all of the kexts and than I will start over by individually installing kext for everything that I need them for. Thank you so much for your help. Can I just post on this topic so you could help me if I need any further assistance?
  10. stretched screen on hackintosh.

    Thank you. I just had one more question. I don't know if a kext would be able to solve this, but I am having this problem where things are just glitching if I hover over them with my cursor or if I select them and try to move them. I have attached a picture of an example of it. EDIT: Also I installed many kexts using Mxxxxbeast and I want ot get rid of them so I can do a fresh install. I also installed many through kext wizard. How can I remove all of the kexts I have installed so I can start fresh
  11. stretched screen on hackintosh.

    I am happy to announce that I have successfully installed Mac OSX Mavericks on my PC with the help of fusion71au, artur-pt, and many others that have helped with some things. The only thing is that OSX cannot detect the wifi card in my laptop and my trackpad does not complete multi-touch gestures and my webcam is not supported. Can all of this hardware be functional in OSX using kexts? Plus sometimes when I go to click on something, the part where I am clicking on glitches and changes color just for a second, but than it changes back to normal. Since I am not allowed to use mul.ti.beast to get support on this website, what can I use to install kexts that people will help me with if I need help. Thank you for everybody's support. EDIT: My sound works, but I am not able to control it with the volume keys on my keyboard. EDIT: HERE ARE THE SPECS FOR MY HP DM4-3099SE LAPTOP: Computer Type : Laptop Model : HP dm4 series (dm4-3099se) Item # : 26035 Product Code : LAP-HP-1210 Processor : Intel Core i5-2450M @ 2.50Ghz Mainboard : HP 1793 Chipset : Intel Sandy Bridge Processor Socket Type : Socket 1155 LGA Memory : 6144MB Hard Drive 1 : 640GB Hard Drive 2 : None Video Card + Video card Memory : Intel® HD Graphics Family -1274 MB Optical Drive : DVDRW (DVD Burner) Wired Network Card : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Wireless Network Card : Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1030 Sound Card : Hewlett-Packard Company Cougar Point High Definition Audio Controller Screen size : 14 inches Bluetooth : Yes Fingerprint Reader : Yes Webcam : Yes Battery Capacity : LIon 42280 mWh Color : Black Additional Info : Beats Audio
  13. Hello everyone. I have a fully patched dsdt.aml file that I need to place in OSX. I cannot access OSX right now so I need to do this through Windows. I have transmac but I do not know how to place the dsdt.aml file in transmac. Another forum user told me that transmac does not support dragging and dropping from Windows but the problem is that when I try to use transmac's file manager, it does not show my Windows partition in the side pane. I have attached a screenshot showing this problem. Please help. The problem is that I cannot access my Windows partition from transmac so there is no way to copy and paste it to the HFS partition. Please help. Thank you.
  14. stretched screen on hackintosh.

    I just do not understand how to copy the dsdt.aml file onto the /extra folder on the Mac osx partition on my computerCan I use this? http://www.paragon-software.com/home/hfs-windows/
  15. stretched screen on hackintosh.

    Sorry I am just not good with terminal stuff so I decided to go the transmac way. The only problem is that when I click on my hard drive with the Windows and Mac partition on it, it only shows the Mac one. I cannot access the Windows one at all. Please help. EDIT: I cannot find anything on google.