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  1. did u burn iatkos ml3u 10.8.3 on dvd and used chameleon bootloader from a usb ?
  2. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    yesss i dids !! -x -v graphicsenabler=no usekernelcache=no
  3. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    made progress.. stuck here now :/
  4. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    haha ok my bad sorry
  5. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Hello, iatkos ml3u by following the normal installer procedure by using the installer package present with the iatkosml3u ,when i booted using uefi the screen went blank and stayed that way nothing was happening. now while i was trying to install by using the ##### installer and by placing the mountian lion osX.app in the applications folder also it is showing some error . i tried moving ##### also to applications folder and trying but still nothing worked. help please. btw if its of any use, my bios version is A11 latest version for the alienware m14xr2. all my bios setting are correct but i dont know why it doesnt boot up. :/
  6. try bootflag -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusfix=Yes npci =0x2000 ahcdisk=1 debug=8
  7. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Nope dosent work . :\
  8. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    OK i tried out other usb ports (used same bootflags) , but it was continuing the same error . but when i unplugged the laptop from the wall socket this happened and it kept on repeating the same lines kept on coming. also used bootflag PCIRootUID=1 ACPI ERROR (psparse-0632): Method parse/executionfailed [\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.EC0_._Q1d] same lines kept coming again and again pic
  9. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Hello removing applehda.kext and booting with -f -v -x USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No ahcdisk=1 debug=8 and it made some progress and gets stuck at ( pic attached) thanks anything else to try ? any kexts to delete ?
  10. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    yes i tried safe mode. dosent work gets stuck at same place.. even the bootflag iFire suggested.. tried, gets stuck at same place.
  11. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Hey Again , i downloaded the retail version on osx ML and followed the instructions given on the link u specified. it gets stuck at this ( attached image) as i am dual booting on same harddrive according to instructions i set usb to MBR partition. any suggestions ? also i am downloading iatkos ml3u as by the other post it was reported working .
  12. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    sorry i dint get u ! what do u mean already tried the usb ?? if it means other usb ports on the laptop then yes i have tried all of them .
  13. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    ive seen alll possible vidoes and guides on youtube regrding the m14xr2 ! n no first i used the usb 2.0 port on the left , then after u suggested me to try other ports , i used the 3.0 ports but none worked. Yeah ! sure is gonna work i know !! atleast im gonna keep trying till it does !! thanks man.
  14. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    Haha woah !! downloading a copy of retail Ml now !! once done will follow the procedure thankyou . hope it dosent turnout to be much of a headache
  15. [HELPPP!] ALIENWARE M14X iatkos ML2

    lol haha yeah! kexts i mean anyways will try thankyou rite now trying http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/276284-still-waiting-for-root-device/page__st__40 placing the kexts in "stillwaiting.zip" iFires post.